A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub Program There is no question that Aegisub is a powerful and great tool for making subtitles. Authôt offers you a complete tutorial of the free Aegisub software to synchronize your subtitles to your videos in a few clicks | Test. Welcome to the CMBT Tutorial series. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software. Required Programs.

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The rest of the icons are pretty self-explanatory e. Whichever mode you choose is up to you, but the rest of this tutorial will work with spectrum analyzer mode. The Opaque Box creates a box with your Outline color around the entire text.

A scrolls it a bit to the left, and F scrolls it a bit to the right. You also have to check that there is not too much character per secondthis is indicated in the CPS column For example, ARTE sets the bar to a maximum of 30 characters per line.

Click or press W to play milliseconds after your end time. This is our initial introduction to Aegisub, so I’m going to go screenshot-heavy on this one. On Aegisub, it is very simple to add or remove subtitles.

Computers and Electronics Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Click on the Audio menu and select Open Audio from Video. Put in the next few lines to complete subtitling this song. Once all this is done, you should see your video appears at the top tutirial, with the subtitles below.


Give your subtitle a name, aegiisub example: To change the duration or position of a subtitle, you have two options. Click or press Q to play milliseconds before your start time.

Hold the aegksub mouse button down and drag the red frame to the beginning of the waveform; then drag the blue frame to the end of the waveform. If the box becomes more red, the audience will have more difficulty reading the subtitles. Click T to start playing, and left-click to set the start time.

If you’re happy with what you’ve got, save your file. In the same way, you can copy styles already saved in your computer to any new subtitle script you make. Store the movie file in a permanent location, such as in a specially created folder. Browse for your video file and click Open. Select a horizontal zoom, vertical zoom, and volume level that you are comfortable with.

W to play milliseconds after our end time. Your line starts at this color, and changes to the primary color. For subtitling, sans serif fonts like Arial and Verdana work better than serif fonts like Times New Roman and Garamond. So, add leadin alone first, then leadout, then you can link lines and “scene-time” them using the TPP, although I always time everything manually personally, yes, I even add the leadin manually.

Shadow – color of the shadow that appears behind your text, set slightly below and to the right.

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The red simply signifies when the text will appear, and the blue signifies where the text will end. Click or press E to play the first milliseconds, just to be sure. But then this sort of thing can be easily fixed later in editing. Under the File menu, click Export Subtitles Tips If you want to permanently imprint your subtitles onto a video, use a Transcoder that supports adding subtitles. Aegisub software user tutorial: Save the movie you’re going to transcribe in there.


Please note that if you typed something into the text box, and double-click another line without committing, you will lose your changes! Don’t run karaoke or visual typesetting subs through it.

Tutorials – Aegisub Manual

Thtorial answered Not a question Bad question Other. When you open a video for the first time, it may be blown out of control and you can see a sea of pixelated mess. You don’t really need to see the video when you are timing – it usually becomes a distraction. The boxes below each color refers to transparencywith 0 being opaque and being completely invisible.

Let’s make a new style for our current script. Zergrinch Administrator Regular Posts: Then select the four options in the Filters window.

Tutorisl this ensures greater audio accuracy. It’s easy to miss when the subtitle are shown for a short time. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. T Where you hear the start of the singing “Kimi sae Familiarizing yourself with Aegisub 2. Your new style should look like this: When you use this button, you can change the blue line whilst the audio is playing and the audio will keep on playing until that blue line is reached.

Type in the text.