Angela D. Friederici’s new book is the crowning achievement of the long and prolific career of one of the founding figures of the cognitive. Professor Angela Friederici, Founding Director of the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive . Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Angela D. Friederici. Dr. Dr. h.c. Angela Friederici. Director | Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain.

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Friederici on her book about language as a uniquely human capacity provides an excellent overview to listeners of all backgrounds. Jarema GFriederici AD. Localization of the syntactic mismatch negativity in the temporal cortex: Friedrich R, Friederici AD.

Syntactic and auditory spatial processing in the human temporal cortex: FriedericiJens Brauer: Content-specific lateralization of human prefrontal cortex in episodic memory: Temporal constraints on language processing: Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

Professor Angela Friederici – The Neurobiology of the Human Language System

A paper outlining some of her research findings explains: A conversation about the earliest knowledge acquired from patients with brain lesions, newer tools allow researchers to correlate concepts from Linguistics with the neuroscientific tools and an increasing interest in the connections between the various brain areas that are involved in language.


Pauses and Intonational Phrasing: Bayesian phylolinguistics reveals the internal structure of the Transeurasian family.

Syntactic parsing preferences and their on-line revisions: Frontal-posterior theta oscillations reflect memory retrieval during sentence comprehension. Processing grammatical gender during language comprehension Journal of Anhela Research. Word category and verb–argument structure information in the dynamics of parsing. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Imprint.

In Latest Thinking, the researchers personally explain their latest insights into the realities of life.

dblp: Angela D. Friederici

FriedericiEdward E. Oscillatory EEG dynamics underlying automatic chunking during sentence processing. Hierarchical functional connectivity between the core language system and the working memory system. Merge in the Human Brain: Preschoolers’ brains rely on semantic cues prior to the mastery of syntax during sentence comprehension. On the cost of syntactic ambiguity in human language comprehension: Left prefrontal cortex activation during sentence comprehension covaries with grammatical knowledge in children.

Localization of early syntactic processes in frontal and temporal cortical areas: If pause is present, pitch can go. When during development do our brains get tuned to the human voice?

Angela D. Friederici

Reviewing the d.frieferici basis of the syntactic Merge mechanism for language: Prefrontal contribution to the orthographic neighborhood size effect. The role of the left Brodmann’s areas 44 and 45 in reading words and pseudowords. Levels of integration in cognitive control and sequence processing in the prefrontal cortex. She argues that this functional relationship is also supported by white matter fibres which form fast and reliable connections between the language-related areas across the brain.


Learnability of embedded syntactic structures depends on prosodic cues. Deficits and strategies Brain and Language. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Alignment angla alpha-band desynchronization with syntactic structure predicts successful sentence comprehension.

Prosodic boundaries, comma rules, and brain responses: When word category information encounters morphosyntax: Moreover, accuracy and speed of processing were found to correlate with the maturation of the white d.riederici fibres connecting these two brain regions. Hierarchical and linear sequence processing: Most users should sign in with their email address.

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