Astron DC power supplies are made of heavy duty, high quality materials Find Astron Power Supplies RSA and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over. Buy Astron Original RSA Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous, Output: Vdc, Input: V: Internal Power Supplies. ASTRON RSA 11 – 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 16 Amps Cont 20 Amps ICS.

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Your name or email address: I highly recommend the RSA.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Astrons are very reliable, but stuff happens. Careful investigation revealed one of the diodes in the bridge rectifier was shorted.

Astron RS-20A

Three conductor power cor I have tickets and only live about 20 min away. Wikipedia is your free Internet encyclopedia. Product Narrative Astron linear power supplies are heavy duty and solid state electronically regulated. Skip to main content. KH6AQMay 17, I had the case off and it didn’t look like anything was blown or burnt up.

I don’t know how to change the “Fluxcompasator,” or change the oil in the Teslatube Might want to get an elmer to help you if this is the first time doing something like this. I think that is how I found the problem. Finally, the Astron is the easiest power supply I have ever had to repair. Astron has your power requirements covered with a asstron variety of voltage and amperage outputs and case styles astrn and without meters.


Several models come equipped with a metal sleeve hoodfor a two-way radio to be mounted inside. If a short is indicated that diode is shorted. They will NOT work correctly and your regulation will suffer severely because of it. Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge.

Be mindful of that when selecting a power supply for your application. Thanks Steve I have all of those tools, and I have actually done some home electrical work, im just not savvy with transistors and compasitors and such, but I am reading and learning.

W9GBMay 17, Then it’s checking the bridge rectifier for a short, checking the caps for a short, checking the SCR in the crowbar for a short, checking the pass transistors for a short.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. The circuit is simply not designed to drive these transistors. A well built supply! Due to part swappers it is being sold as is rs20 no returns. Astron power supply part number example: It’s job is to turn on and short out the supply if the voltage gets to high typically due to a pass transistor shortkinda like throwing a “crowbar” across the supply.


Here is a troubleshooting procedure: Not a likely problem, but easy to eliminate as the problem first off. I have some understanding of electronics, but not enough to figure this out.

Do it for all leads. Rock solid when used within the specifications. A little boy get his team je Asgron know I’m taxing it to the limit running watts CW but it works flawlessly.

If a short is indicated the SCR is shorted. Use a recent version of the Adobe Acrobat reader and just mouse over the yellow folder symbols. Electrolytic caps virtually never fail shorted, so this is not on the list. What is “SCR in the crowbar”? If a short is indicated the transistor is shorted.

Astron RSA Blowing fuses | QRZ Forums

If nothing sticks out, disconnect the transformers secondary winding from the rectifier and see if it blows a fuse. Within 5 minutes, the Heat Sinks were Too Hot to touch. Request Quote or Price Match Shipping: My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help.

And I can tell something is burned up because I smelled it Register for a free QRZ account. What should I check first?