The mile Baekdu Daegan trail traverses North and South Korea. Daniel Adamson treks a short southern section and takes refuge in a. Great Korean Mountain Trails – Baekdu-daegan Trail – An online hiking guide for the mountains of South Korea, and a window to their culture and history. The Baekdu-daegan chain of mountains forms the backbone of the Korean Peninsula. It has always occupied a very special place in the hearts of Koreans.

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Why Hike the Baekdu-Daegan? We both got shots to be immunized against japanese encephalitis before hitting the trail. Loading comments… Trouble loading? One day it may even serve as a thread to help stitch the two Koreas back together again.

We both got Baekddu-daegan cards from the company Evergreen for our phones so we could use data and be able to place phone calls. Korean language skills One of our regrets regarding this trail is not to have studied Korean language more extensively. So I opened Umoni Minbak. Hiking here is a good way to meet Korean people and to enjoy their friendship and hospitality.

The distance we hiked everyday and the campsites we chose were influenced a lot by the distance from which they were to water sources.

I’ll put the hot water on for you, and start the dinner. Even though rice is not always for sale, we were always able to obtain some by asking and if was often given to us for free. Almost everything had been grown in the garden or foraged in the woods above the village. We hiked along remains of fortresses more than a thousand years old as well as war memorials trai to the Korean War We got locals to call shelters directly to get spots.


All the long distance trails I have hiked so far have left me with fond memories. It baekdu-dagean transforming from an ancient pseudo-scientific belief to a modern conception of the theoretical unity of the peninsula and nation, and the ecology of the wildest remaining areas of them. Clean, dry and barefoot, listening to the steady pull of the fire and the last of the rain, we stretched out on the quilt and felt the warmth and sleepiness soaking into our muscles.

We used our iphones as GPS for orientation on the trail. Here is the Amazon link to purchase the book.

I knew how tdail cook and I had a spare room. It might have been at the top of that first big climb that Somi began to look at me accusingly.

Baekdu Daegan Hike – – Marilyne Marchand

They have not cause us any issues, even though we have startled a couple of them. Resupply Resupply locations are listed in the guidebook.

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Hiking in South Korea: trails and tribulations on the Baekdu Daegan | Travel | The Guardian

The bus dropped us at a location that was not documented in the guidebook, but we were easily able to figure out our way to the start of the trail by looking at baekdu-daegann boards. About km of baekdu-daegxn is within what is now South Korea, and most of that is accessible for hiking with alternate routes for what is not. Before we left, Umoni sat between us on the steps of her porch and asked a neighbour to take a photograph on her Polaroid camera.

Frail freedom camped most nights along the trail except bae,du-daegan national parks where we stayed in shelters. The bus we boarded two days after getting to Seoul was full of hikers in shiny bright gear equipped with fancy backpacks and poles.


Clouds of blame were gathering on the horizons of our holiday. We read on another blog that you should bow to cars when hitchhiking and we have done this. However here are our top five words that you must learn before hitting the trail:. Mason Email him here. Magic — When a temple insists you accept a free meal.

The Baekdu-daegan is believed by traditionalists of all sorts Nationalists, Buddhists, Confucians, Shamanists, Daoists and even many Christians to continuously feed essential life-energy throughout the land of Trai, and thus into all its agricultural products and spring-waters, and thus into its people. Language barriers were making some situations difficult, but as the trip progressed I learned to just let go and accept that even if the situation was awkward and sometimes uncomfortable, it would probably end up in a nice way.

Baekdu-Daegan Trail

If it has not rained for a couple days, hikers might need to carry large quantities of water with them. Hiking in Jirisan National Park. It follows the Taebaek [Grand White] Mountain Range along the east coast thru Geumgang-san, Seorak-san baekdu-daevan Odae- san down to Taebaek-san, and then it follows the Sobaek [Smaller White] Baekdj-daegan Range across Sobaek-san passing below Worak-san to Sogni-san, and then down through the center of the peninsula’s southern quarter, passing through Hwangak-san and the southeast corner of Deogyu-san, ending at Jiri-san.

One of our regrets regarding this trail is not to have studied Korean language more extensively. There is a Facebook Baekdu Daegan group.