Biosignature Modulation, from elite trainer Charles Poliquin, identifies hormonal issues and problems affecting your build – and helps you eliminate them. We tried BioSignature Modulation, a practice that examines relationships between hormone imbalance and fat storage, at BFX Studio. Spot reduction has been largely discredited by science, but BioSignature Modulation can supposedly trim those trouble spots. Dan Jolley, MSc.

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Biosignature modulation

After a series of revisions, a decision would be made on whether or not his research cut the mustard and is worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The idea moeulation spot reduction is modulatioon new. Excessive fat gain in love handles and on the upper back. From there it is recommended you follow up with weekly, fortnightly or even monthly minute appointments for 6- 11 weeks.

Androgen imbalance, accumulated fat in chest area for men. Whilst you can become leaner on this program, it is hoped you will improve more holistically, becoming leaner, healthier, stronger and energised.

Charles Poliquin developed his form of biotyping whilst working with athletes, gaining data from blood, urine and saliva tests. Settling the Doctor vs. Give a Gift – Get a Gift: However, seeing that this method has been around for quite a long time, why only now bring it up? After representing Australia in American football, he took up coaching, and completed a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology. These sites include the cheek, chin, pectoral region, triceps, umbilical, supra iliac, subscapular, mid axillary, quadriceps, hamstrings, knee and calf.

What Is BioSignature Modulation?

Biosignatuge our own professional experience over the years and the constant feedback we receive from practitioners all around the world reveals that Lifestyle circumstances, hormonal imbalance, your activity level and your own compliance of differing types and duration are all variables key to just how long it will take to see solid results.


I also hopped on a degree body scanner and had a pair of metal calipers taken to my knee, chin, stomach, hips, and seven other locations, all in a quest to better understand the practice of BioSignature Modulation.

Spending the week with Charles in Sweden and learning the Biosignature method was well and truly worth the journey. I agree that a healthy lifestyle is important for controlling body fat. During my many years as a personal trainer I quickly got used to hearing some of the same comments from clients, over and over. I wish it was just cheek fat. Looking forward to having you onboard!

The problem with this is that research findings can only be reliably applied to the population upon which the testing was conducted.

This allows for on-site effective medical treatment decisions. The BioSignature Method can help you develop a programme based on your unique biological signature. Why Function Well Testimonials. Biotyping is gaining popularity amongst healthcare professionals, personal trainers and Nutritional Therapists. Follow up appointment at weeks 3 and 6.

This method claims that you can be helped physically, mentally and intellectually. Over to you Dan.

The genius comes in identifying all the other hormonal issues and problems AND coming up with solutions to eliminate them and improve our quality of life. Fat Chance was last modified: Excessive fat gain in belly region, disrupted sleep pattern. Make of that as you will. North Texas Institute of Functional Medicine. In your comments, you use the same rationale as Poliquin in his justification for Biosignature.


Skip to main content. Given the scientific evidence against the existence of spot reduction, if it were to be taken seriously again, any new evidence would need to be overwhelming. Sign up to receive monthly news and tips.

From that guess, she was able to give me a handful of recommendations, including swapping a few days of weekly cardio for strength training, and eating small meals more frequently.

Function Well is in which suburb?

In reality, we know that bodies come in all sizes and shapes due to inter-individual variations in genetics, biosihnature, diets, lifestyle habits, gut biosignatire, hormone to hormone interactions, neurotransmitters, effects of medications, etc. Are They Nutritious and Healthy?

Imagine if you could identify exactly why you feel so listless in the afternoon, or why you diet and exercise hard and never quite see the results you want.

Yes, it was defined as the be all and end all, and unfortunately nothing beats good sleep, good food, and deceant habits, however it does help identify signs of inbalance.

The Charles Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Method | SOS Athletic Excellence

Then Stop Chasing Golden Unicorns! Biosingature acid, for example, has been found to have an effect in mice, petri dishes, and some human trials, though many papers appear in alternative medicine journals, rather than more reputable titles.

And until the advent of a rigorous scientific method and accurate body composition technologies, it was hard to disprove this. Follow on Social Media Follows.