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There was a question she had to ask.

“Ανοίχτε τα τρελάδικα

We were recommended this book to read for Psychology at college. I am saying clever because till the end, many people seemed to be involved or guilty of many different things but only at the end the truth became clear and was again different of what it seemed!

Added to the mix of characters are the wealthy industrialist who thinks he is completely beyond the law, together with the Mayor who is in his pocket, a well meaning but inadequate coroner and various city workers who are out for themselves and for whom the truth is a distant concept they have no aspiration for.

The plot twists were numerous and clever, but the way they were resolved at the end felt a little hasty. Knowing he will be in the country a short time and that recovery could take a while, Dr Freud appoints Dr Younger to perform the psychoanalysis. View all 3 comments. Coincidental or is it? The plot and characters are suitably twisted and convoluted. I would heartily recommend it for all the reasons I stated earlier and felt my skimming through the ‘Hamlet’ parts didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the book at all.

The Interpretation Of Murder features Dr. But how, how is that possible. A follower of Dr. It was clever, entertaining and well researched, with a brilliant twist.

After Psikanalixi figured out how Seamus Malley met his death, the plot simply explodes into action, and I had to struggle to keep up with all the twists and turns, which ultimately made perfect sense. With pieces of the investigation coming from all sides, we are lead on a trail through the human psyche.


The book was also a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic between Freud and Jung, and worthy reading for that alone. I’ve read many book series where the characters cinayetij seem to change, regardless of the amount of time that supposedly passes in their lives or the events that they experience.

Rubenfeld sets each scene with deft assurance.

This will either resonant with the reader or not as evident from the mixed reviews. The Interpretation of Murder was his first novel. In a time when Tammany Hall ruled New York and made a puppet of most officers and politicians, I liked that there was an honest one in the bunch that really did just want to make sure the mystery was solved right. I would recommend this to anyone interested in mysteries, but perhaps more so for fans of s New York history. Anyone who can put it down pages from the end has more willpower than I.

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi; Bir Sigmund Freud Romani : Jed Rubenfeld :

Freud’s comments on America vinayetin well as the neurologists comments on psychoanalysis. I came across this book in a second hand bookstore almost 10 years ago, and while I remember nothing at all about the plot except that Jung was in it, I still remember how wonderfully Conayetin bought the city and Jung to life. I could have happily spent a lot longer engrossed in its pages. He is the killer.

What will we do with it? On the same night as her death, Dr Stratham Younger meets Dr Sigmund Freud as he steps off the George Washington steamship for what is his first and turns out to be his last trip to the US.

I think it deserves a 4 star if only for that. Thus nature dangles happiness and meaning before us all, insisting only that we choose between them. Freud himself also has a physiologically weak bladder, which I felt didn’t add much to the story but I’m sure the author had a reason for it. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by how the plot twists kept me surprised almost to the very last.

Coroner Hugel determines conclusively that whoever killed Elizabeth Riverford is the same person who attacked Nora Acton and when, after a few sessions With Dr Younger, she identifies George Banwell as her assailant, it seems like case closed. All the evidence points in his direction.


Being a psychology student, I have come across him and his theories over and over again, they never cease to intrigue yet repel me. The writing is wonderful and the research impeccable.

A beautiful cover, two interesting stories coming together,history, crime and Freud, These are the things that made this clever story into a joy to read. See 1 question about Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi….

Also, I don’t know if it’s just my dark sense o We were recommended this book to read for Psychology at college. A stunning story that keeps you on your toes till the very end. cinwyetin

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi

New York just after the turn of the twentieth century is a character all on its own, beautifully portrayed and perfectly used. Perhaps, if I were smarter, I’d have been able to keep up, but I felt that the elegant pacing of the first few chapters was unduly thrown aside in favor of a more helter-skelter plunge towards the end. Rubenfeld exercises a siren call, working dexterously with a small cast of suspects, pulling blind after double-blind, with enough twists and turns to satisfy a James Patterson or Jeffrey Deaver fan.

However, what happens to their party of intellectuals is a case of murder. His descriptions of the city and its social classes make you feel like you are there. Yes, this story is a who-done it mystery that follows a good Agatha Christie plot. This is an intelligent murder mystery that introduces traditional detective work and psychoanalysis from its founder Sigmund Freud.

This is a really fun and entertaining read that goes by very quickly. The characters are of course very interesting.