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When you click New entitya new wizard appears, in which you can define the structure of Severity as a separate entity. Open Bizagi Studio and open a project you have already created by clicking that project’s name under Recent projects:.

Bizagi Maintenance

For this exercise, input an Estimated tutoriak of 24 hours, a Lower limit of 1 hour and an Upper limit of 48 hours. To do this, click the attachment icon next to Ticket attachments:.

For detailed information about this guided assistant, refer to the Process wizard. After receiving a response, the requester confirms whether the problem or difficulty has been resolved by completing Confirm resolution. At this point, the bizagii entity is properly set up, and no further configuration is needed within Bizagi Studio for the scope of this tutorial.

Bizagi video tutorials

Click New user to repeat the same steps to create a fourth and final user. User U03 was created so you could validate how the assigning algorithm distributes the two submitted tickets evenly: Business rules support both: After clicking Add each time, provide the Display Name for each attribute the Name you may leave it as it is automatically generated.

Add these other attributes: When doing this in Bizagi, you rely on a Forms designer where you can drag and drop attributes of your data model, and get an instant preview of how it would be presented to end users a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach. The assignment algorithm evaluates that the same user U02 should work on this case since they have worked on it before, so user U02 has priority over user U03 even though both users have the Service agent role that meets the assignment condition.

Click the process diagram graphic view. Select Default Assignation users from the drop-down list and click OK. To learn more about integration with identity providers, see Authentication.


The Pie menu is the set of elements popping up to the immediate right, when you click a given shape. Click the Forms icon to move into step three or click the Next arrow to the right:. You see a pop up window displaying the entire process workflow, and can choose to import a form bizati you have already defined in a previous step, to avoid having to design it from scratch:.

Where the workflow continues from the Gatewayand because this specific shape tjtorial meant to support the process workflow splitting into more than one possible path, you can also use the Pie menu to include bisagi additional Sequence Flow that automatically draws a connection to an existing shape.

Real end users are never created inside of Bizagi Studio, but in the actual runtime environment by means of the Bizagi Work portal the application that presents the processes to end users. It only includes three activities on purpose, so you can complete the tutorial in a shorter period of time.

Include SLA s for your Activities. Bizagi now restricts to the Alarms menu option to end users having gutorial Analysis role when you explicitly include on authorized role, all other roles and users have access denied by default. But this time, set Requester as the only listed role, set as Allow repeat the same steps but select Requester as the role:. Fill out details for Review and document. For this user with the Requester role, admin menu options and further possibilities are disabled.

Roles included in this tutorial, are:. This form appears to the Requester once the agent has analyzed and the ticket and proposed a resolution. For this new one, change its data type to one that is not from the Common Types list. After you submit the ticket, you see a confirmation message and a statement about this user not having further pending work. Be your best with our tailored training, based on the perfect blend of your skills and needs.

Click the drop-down list for the Assignation method and change it to Sequential. To reorganize a Sequence Flowrelocate where the end of it connects, by dragging it and making sure you release the mouse button when its endpoint highlights in green:. Make sure you drag Subject and release it well inside the group when the “Drop Here” message inside highlights by showing a greenish line.


The attributes and relationships available for the Help desk process in the Data tabalong with UI bizafi in the Controls tab. You may need to scroll down in this window to access the Save button. In the bizagj, all of these should have Analysis as the only listed role, set as Allow:. When you click Define expressions a section appears inside of step four in the Process Wizardyou see the entire process diagram; but this time, the display focuses on Sequence Flow.

Setting authorization means configuring access rights so you can establish well-defined boundaries around what each of the roles may and may not accomplish. Business keys prevent you from adding duplicate values, implement use of indexes for tuhorial performance, enforce exchanging information with other systems while using security by obscurity and ensuring the correct logical record is addressed.

Label both paths parting from Was the ticket resolved? The Process wizard presents seven steps in a carousel, though we will not use all of them in this tutorial.

The admin will engage directly with a Help desk ticket, but will have sole access to:. From the presented possible values, for the Ticket resolved? Defining business rules means setting the logic that runs behind the processes. Delete the Milestone 1 default label by renaming it to blankand use the labels as shown in the image below Requester, Help desk agent.

Add a Gateway starting from Confirm resolution by using the Pie menu. You need tutoril define to which users these apply, and exactly how.