Boletín chileno de ornitología. Type: journal. DDC: ISSN(s): Publisher:: Santiago. Appears: print. ID: PERI:(DE) Get this from a library! Boletín chileno de ornitología. [Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile.;]. Manuscript received on 30 July , accepted on 18 November Boletín Chileno de Ornitología 21 (): Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile

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A, Buenos Aires, Argentina, pp. Jaksic F, Ostfeld R. Rapaces observa- en Argentina. Although preliminary, we think Metropolitan region, Chile.

Hence, further studies are needed to test if Cinclodes exhibits differences in the function of the nasal cavity and skin permeability, and to determine the relative contribution of respiratory and cutaneous water loss to TEWL in Cinclodes. A total of studies between and included scientific data on falcons in Chile.

Publications which did not explicitly mention the scientific or common name s of the study species were omitted from our data set. RESULTS Breeding seabirds We confirmed and assessed the breeding status of 12 seabird species at nine islands, including two penguins, one diving-petrel, one storm-petrel, one booby, one pelican, three cormorants, two gulls and one tern.

Revista Chilena de Ornitología

However, the mechanisms and processes that affect their population have not been identified. In contrast to Raimilla et al. The metabolic chamber received dried air at a rate of mL min -1 from mass flow controllers and through tygon tubing Sierra Instruments, Monterey, California, USAwhich was enough to ensure adequate fe in the chamber.

Journal of Raptor Research Nest platforms were lities of the Coastal range. Journal of Tropical Eco- European forest-dwelling raptors. Results A choleno of studies between and included scientific data on falcons in Chile.


However, ornnitologia is also pos- the major threat for nesting hawks in pine plantations Ri- sible that hawks had occupied the pine plantation because vas-Fuenzalida et al. Ediciones Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Journal of Raptor Re- from: Two subspecies of Milvago chimanago are known: In addition, physiological adjustments to climate conditions may be the result of phenotypic plasticity the modification of phenotype according to environmental cues; see ChjlenoHammond et al.

Commercial Monterey height above the ground i. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Adaptations of birds to orniitologia in deserts may include different combinations of cellular, physiological, behavioral, and vhileno features BraunTieleman et al. Information on island surface and distance to the mainland Table 1 were derived from aerial photographs and maps. Characteristics of two Chilean Hawk Accipiter chilensis nests found during breeding season — in Oncol, Valdivian coastal bolegin range, southern Chile.

Although preliminary, we think our results will contri- bute to better conservation planning for the Chilean Hawk in the coastal mountain range of southern Chile. Some seabird species, on the other hand, have been reported to nest in the area e. Menoponidae in Phalcoboenus megalopterus ; and Laemobothrion tinnunculi Phthiraptera: El peuquito, Accipiter chilensis.

The drying tubes were replaced every hour with the initiation of each complete cycle of oxygen consumption measurements.

Boletín chileno de ornitología – PUBDB

Bird and Bildstein which may not be optimal for research in Chile. Ambiente y Desarrollo Argasidaea parasite of the Chimango, Milvago c. To our knowledge, little is as central point the nest tree. The kelp gull Larus dominicanus Like penguins, kelp gulls were found nesting at all the surveyed islands, breeding in colonies of between 40 and 2, pairs.


Common species in the subcanopy nests were oriented to the south of nest site. This seabird breeds all along the Chilean coast both on the mainland and at islands in a great variety of habitats HousseJohnson Cats were regularly observed at the latter. It is noteworthy, for example, that at Damas breeding success and abundance of Humboldt penguins is considerably lower than at the nearby Choros Luna-Jorquera et al.

Lynx ediciones, Barcelona, Spain.

Lynx Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain. Marine Ecology Progress Series We divided the total water loss by m b 0. The Peruvian diving-petrel Pelecanoides garnotii Diving-petrels were found breeding at three islands, two of which contained relatively small colonies. Even though no harvest activity was observed an adaptation to the substitution of native forest by monos- during the nesting in Punucapa, tree harvesting represents pecific nonnative tree plantations.

Measurements of animals were made in glass metabolic chambers of 1, mL, at an ambient temperature T a of Since our Cinclodes species differed in body mass m bbut there was no significant scaling, we conducted an ANOVA using mass adjusted metabolic and water loss rates see Tieleman et al.

Nest platform of the Chilean Hawk Accipiter chilen- near the nest tree. Physiological and Biochemical Physiology The feeding habits of Falco sparverius are known in detail; it is classified as a predator of insects, reptiles Goodall et al.