The Carver Climbing Club facilitates access to the private property that the Carver climbing areas are on. To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you. Looking for anyone who has a copy of the Carver Bouldering book from a few years back. Would love to be able to buy one off of someone if. I’ve visited the Carver boulders at the Carver cliffs on the side of the After this, I roamed around checking out routes in the guide for future.

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Think of the risk factors in the sport before taking a risk for a sport. Area Difficulty Popularity Name.

Peter Franzen on Apr 4, Admins: Grayson Highlands Bouldering Guidebook: Carver is Portlands local boulder crag, but couldnt hold a candle to even our worse bouldeeing back home.

One advantage Portland ice climbers enjoy is immediate access to stellar ice when it forms in the Gorge via well-traveled highway corridors.

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To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you must be a member of the Carver Climbing Club and adhere to all the rules. Please take some time to scrub holds and remove moss where appropriate. Here is the overview map that Jered drew by hand and I tweaked and converted in Illustrator.

Do not climb at that crag. Ozone Wall parking can be quite congested when seemingly everyone makes their first few runs to this crag on the first warm days of late spring or early summer season. Apr 27, Beta: I guess we’ll call it Problem 3a. The guide will point out those “lost” problems and hopefully rekindle some interest in scrubbing moss for the greater good.


I always run by Carver while I’m out there every Christmas and try to tick off anything that isn’t soaked, it’ll be nice to have a better guide to the place to find the hidden gems: I cant tell you how thankful I am to live in such a kick ass place in the US for bouldering!!!

You risk being issued a trespassing citation by the Lake Oswego city police for being on railroad property. July 22, Carver Trail Work Party was a great success! There are currently around established problems here and there is certainly potential for more.

Portland Rock Climbs provides you with crag information, road and trail directions, and beta for popular rock climbing crags around Portland and northwest Oregon.

A few notable early ascents: Saturday, June 9, Cedar Project – V10 guest video. Then shift over to Cascade Boulders and spend all winter on dry days workin’ the circuit over there on an endless carveer of tricky andesite beasts, some as tall as 16′. After this, I roamed around checking out routes in the guide for future sessions, since I couldnt find anything else that was dry. I’ve started houldering blog just for the bouldering out at Carver and can be checked out at: During the summer months after the snow and rime melts off from the pinnacle, a somewhat reasonable ascent can be made on this wind-swept challenging pinnacle.

Copyright Andrew Traylor. I’m keen to get my hands on it. Use extra precautionary steps while rock climbing during very strong windy conditions when you are at Beacon Rock. Exploring and scrambling has been a favorable pursuit in Northwest Oregon since before the turn of the 20th century. The Titlest Boulders are most easily reached by parking along the road near the Pioneer Church and walking in from there.


We finished off with food and drinks on the patio down at the Stone Cliff Inn. Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Tuesday, October 14, Welcome. I see no problem with adding the rest of Carver’s boulder problems to the site. Rosenbaum, the property owner, about two months ago. Route developers, climbers, or boulderers who have new ascent info new ascents, route upgrade info, or bouldering data that you would like to see added to our books and database Be safety carger and use a helmet while climbing, especially at Beacon Rock.

Stone Fort Bouldering Review. The popular Horsethief Butte, located near The Dalles, Oregon, offers an ideal respite from the liberal amounts of western Oregon rain. Browse our Bouldering web page for some basic details and vital weblinks about the sport of bouldering in this region.

Upstate Bouldering: Pacific Northwest Carver Bouldering

Enola Hill aka The Swinery is a well-established crag that holds a sizable selection of steep rock climbs on a bluff that faces directly west overlooking the tiny community of Rhododendron. Order Southern Appalachian Bouldering here. The next time you are planning a mid-summer adventure check out the Menagerie. The crag is well-suited for climbers who have solid 5. Posted by Spencer Williams at 8: I climbed the stand start to the Standard Overhang route which went at a V1 and was a pretty fun route.

No matter, I’m planning on hitting Portland Rock Gym and The Circuit too in the next couple of days to try to get my send on!