Consult the troubleshooting document titled “Z-Axis Stall” for detailed diagnosis So how do I go about ordering a replacement cable?. I just received $ worth of spare parts for my Summer Sign Season. . The very first run I did upon recieving it, you guessed it z axis stall. During this carve I received one “Z Axis stall” error message. I reset the I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of distracting you . ?vendor=ringneckblues.

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The head is just a little bit bigger so they only work for the bottom bearings though. Before recalibrating, make sure that you have the latest CarveWright firmware version running on your flash card version 1. Replace the head cover.

Press the flex shaft all the way down into its receptacle. A screen will then appear that prompts you to input whether your hand measurement was Narrower option 1 or Wider option 2 than the machine measurement. You will want to know whether the pattern needs to move Towards the keypad side of the machine or Away from the keypad side of the machine to achieve proper centering.

At this point you have to decide if the difference in the width measurements warrants recalibrating your machine.

Z Axis stall nightmares on Fri Aug 28, Rerun the calibration routine as many replacemwnt as necessary to attain the level of accuracy that you desire. Fire Accountability Tags are a big part of my Business too and 2 sided blanks are not available and I plan to cut my own with the CarveWright. You hold the screw and use a thin flat wrench like a Bicycle Wrench to loosen the bearing.


Something small, no big deal. For me time is money. Did this happen with the Rock Chuck installed? From the sound and look of things you are not afraid to find out how things work.

I never got around to sending it in for warranty repair, life has a way of carvesright you sometimes. By rotating about this screw axis the bearings can be tightened and preloaded against the vertical rails. Loop the belt over both pulleys to help stabilize the assembly. I may be able to help you. This site uses cookies. If noises are heard coming from the assembly you may loosen it again and test the travel without the bearing tight.

Home Explore CarveWright service replace y-truck. After tightening check to see that the hex stud is till flush to the casting as in Figure Ready the flexshaft for removal from the Z-truck: The plug on the encoder board has carvewriht pads.

Do this for both rollers but do not fully tighten the screws. Lay the cable to the side out of the way. Getting one of these to work correctly seems to be a hobby in and of itself!!

Tighten the shoulder screw all the way down. Unplug the head cover cable at the head connector board attached just to the left of the Y-drive motor pack. This time all hell broke loose: Next, navigate to the recalibration menu by following the directions and flow carewright below.

Replace Z-Truck

First using the 12mm flat wrench to hold the roller stud, tighten the roller screw so that the face repoacement the hex stud is snug against the back of the Y-truck casting.

I also have had Z truck difficulties. Have you visited the Carvewright users forum? I and many others have had great customer service with the unit. Move the Y-truck all the way to the left side of the machine and make sure that the FFC cable does not drag on the Y-truck heatsink See Figure I still think the chips can work mischief,and I don’t care for the flex shaft.


Rendering my time into that project wasted, let alone the material. The machine will then ask for the amount by which the measurement is off. You will want to consider calibrating the X-axis if you carvewdight consistently getting an incorrect board length measurement or if you are replacing the factory sandpaper belts with the rubber belts.

Replace Z-Truck – CarveWright Support

Lift the cover straight carvewtight and locate the two cables still connecting it to the head. The bit broke and smoke was coming from the machine. Calibrate Width — This calibration will allow you to adjust the machine if it is measuring the width incorrectly. My contact info in in my Profile along with my web page. Move the tightened Y-truck back and forth along its entire travel range. I thought I wanted one of these once a couple of years ago.

Once the new value is entered you will see it appear as the Current value on the display. CarveWright service replace z-aaxis Published by Guset User So you CAN get this machine operational Remove all four of the roller bearing wipers on the Y-truck by gently pulling them off.