Captured by the Light has 83 ratings and 8 reviews. David Ziser brings his no- nonsense, straight-to-the-point teaching style to a book that totally rewrites the. You will learn 10 amazing new ways to use “exciting lighting” to create dramatic images! 10 of the best lens choices and camera settings to produce strikingly. I figured it was only fair enough I added a review of Captured By The Light by David A. Ziser into the small stack of book reviews at Photography.

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That means that with the lens racked daid to mm with the 1. This isn’t to say the information he gives isn’t right, and that, particularly, his information on creating good light isn’t spot on, but he essentially has published a book that speaks to an audience that died out 10 years ago.

Digital ProTalk

Jan 11, Idesign Studios rated it it was amazing. To see them in person was quite a treat! We walked the short distance to what looked to be a good viewing area and I began to set up tripods, cameras, long lenses, and filters.

Check out the next two images. Erica rated it really liked it Aug 07, Dec 29, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. That’s right, today I’m writing about the Great American Eclipse! This daptured of the orangutan is one of my favorites.

David Ziser’s Captured by the Light Tour

We were ready and the crowd of our fellow eclipse watchers were ready too. Thanks for telling us about the problem. About three hours later we’re pulling into Nashville. That means accommodations, all meals, beverages — wine, beer, soft drinks, and water ziaer all included.

A few comments from recent adventurers: I learned a lot abut how to use my camera and flash to make even better caputred. Spelunkingster rated it really liked it Jul 18, It sure was exciting!


I kept shooting anyway, shooting through the clouds hoping all the time that the clouds would somehow pass quickly and we could still at least capture a few seconds of the total eclipse. We had to deal with the drama of zisfr cover two xaptured but all worked out perfectly. Kathy Ward rated it really liked it Sep 17, Posted by David Ziser at 3: LaDawn and I are spending the few days in Panama City, Florida just soaking up unobstructed rays of the sun davic heading back home.

Got amazing shots that are canvases zixer in my home. Was the Great American Eclipse over for us? Actually the Happy Days have never really left — Life is good! Ron rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Joleen Brincks rated it it was amazing Dec 24, I sure hope you are having a great summer.

Our first Safari sold out in 48 hours so we added a second set of dates to accommodate all who want to join us on this once in a lifetime adventure. It too was taken with a shorter mm or effectively mm on my Canon 7D Mk2. If interested we had two people that had to cancel so we still have one room people left at the main lodge for either safaris.

The moon continued its journey across the disk of the sun for another 90 minutes and I continued to shoot to the end still trying to soak up and appreciate what just happened. Funny you should ask. Martin Pepe rated it liked it Dec 17, Jan 20, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: LaDawn was using our little Canon SX camera fitted with its own eclipse filter.

And boy, was he helpful – he had recently attended a local astronomy club meeting and picked up a “ton” of info on how to photograph the eclipse from beginning to end.

Here is is below. Michael and I kept checking our time – the eclipse was due to begin in just a few short minutes.

A check with the Nashville website gave many suggestions – we opted for the beautiful Cheekwood Estate and Gardensthe pight Maxwell Coffee estate and now a beautiful arboretum and museum, about 8 miles outside the city. Kevin is an award wining photographer and certified African guide and has been conducting these Safaris for over 18 years — he can give you the complete details.


How Close Could I Go? I have to say, I’ve never seen anything like that before! How Close could I go?

Captured by the Light: The Essential Guide to Creating Extraordinary Wedding Photography

Gerry Doyon rated it it was amazing Jun 29, With just a few minutes from totality…. It too was taken with the lens racked out to mm or effectively mm on my Canon 7D Mk2. After we arrived home we decided the best place to find wild animals was the world famous Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens so off we went. How is the image stabilization? One of the best photography tutorial books I’ve ever read.

Also my thanks for all the folks that stopped by to look through my camera and snap a few of the images off my LCD screen. This adventure is absolutely First Class all the way and at a cost that will not break the bank – like so many other safaris. Plus, the book includes the complete cover-to-cover layout from one of David’s wedding album designs to help spark your creative juices and give you ideas to take your own layouts to the next level. You guessed it – LaDawn had to rent the car with the steering wheel on the right side of the car and had to drive on the left side of the highway, which she had never experienced – YIKES!!!

But as someone who was needing a crash-course book on what to do for the first wedding I ever photographed for a friend, not a clientit was useful