Alisha Mathew A Subject: Debaucherry of Indian Housewife Part V by Alisha DEBAUCHERY OF A INDIAN HOUSEWIFE PART. The Debauchery of a Young Housewife by Masala voyeurism real consensual. Synopsis: A young Indian housewife has some wild desires. Corrupting Carissa: Translation of The Debauchery of a Young Housewife – Kindle edition by Laurel Linsey. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

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Asha immediately reddened at the thought of Sushil fucking Mini all night. Oh he thought, how much I can teach this woman to feel pleasure if only I had the opportunity. In fact, I had been awake most of the night. All through the journey the vivacious Mini kept touching Asha on youg arm, shoulder hair or stroking her face while chattering 19 to a dozen.

Amit was an average guy wifs 30 years, working yokng the last 7 years in Mumbai as an IT engineer but was still to make it big. Set up a giveaway. He lived his life to the hilt and had not thought of marriage, especially having opportunities to fuck many woman as it is. She knew what pleasure a man could give to a woman and also woman to a woman. Asha found a lot of people staring at her and some boys openly whistling at her. Now after coming to her new house she was slowly trying to adjust to deaucheryof new role as a housewife.

A few days later when she was alone with her mother-in-law, Asha on being questioned, confessed on not using any contraceptives. In no time this young chokra boy was erect again and wanting to fuck her again. She gently took hold wive Asha’s hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

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Wifr straddled Asha’s breasts and put his prick into her mouth. He then withdrew his limp prick and immediately put it in her mouth to suck it.

When he was about to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead put his full weight on her and ejaculated deep inside her. Asha was lying naked on her bed, debaycheryof softly, with bruise marks and semen stains all over her. He longed to fuck her and his prick was always in a state of readiness on seeing her go about the household chores.


BDSM Library – Story: The Debauchery of a Young Housewife

Rajesh pushed her away saying that he felt sleepy and pulled the bedsheet on his naked body and turned aside to doze off. Her hair, bastard had really done her in, how was she going to go home in this manner. Mini laughed at the rush of colour on Asha’s face. Asha started unzipping his pants and soon freed his semi-erect prick.

She was very much taken up by Mini. His wife, Asha’s mother-in-law, would be returning in a few days time, from her trip to attend her nieces’ engagement and he would have no opportunity to fuck Asha.

Raju was excited and pulled her fully down and sank his prick deep inside her. The fragile bed was creaking under the fast and furious debaucheryif she was receiving now. He outright asked her if she had experienced this before marriage.

Although Asha had been married for a little over two months, her cunt had never been so stretched. Asha loved the attention she febaucheryof getting and had sex deabucheryof her mind a lot. He was logged on automatically by the browser into the account of Horny housewife.

Meanwhile, Mini was busy clicking photographs. He lifted her jeans and panties with one swift motion and had his finger inside her cunt while holding wifs by the buttocks. Although she had seen pricks in magazines she had never seen debauchedyof real one and that also so near. Asha had by now flopped against Raju and was gurgling and whimpering loudly.

Raju heard his name being called out by Asha’s mother from downstairs. A few days later, Asha hit upon an idea of buying sexy lingerie to spice up her sex-life with Rajesh.

Mini had the weight of Asha’s shoulders on her. Her juices were flowing freely and she could feel an orgasm approaching. Asha felt jealous and responded, “I think I should leave you lovebirds alone”. The maid saw the dishevelled state Asha was in and quickly realized that her memsaab had been thouroughly fucked that day. The Swami departed and the two semi-clad girls entered and started removing Asha’s clothes.


Furthermore, unknown to Asha there were photographs taken of her cock-sucking and fucking, which too could be used against her wishes. He saw Asha wantonly lying on the bed with her legs apart and her gaping enlarged cunt lips waiting to be fucked. Asha had always been particular of her hair, a lot of care and time went into debaucheeryof care of it. On seeing her soaking lace panties, Sushil could not be bothered in removing them, he just yanked and ripped iwfe.

For all her experience so far, his prick was the biggest she had seen.

He was always spying on her. Hearing her moan in his arms with his prickhead in. At times she carelessly left her bra or panty lying around in the bathroom, so that the old man could get a sniff or yonug. He clicked on the Inbox and saw a lot of messages, mostly from young guys who were trying to woo his wife and engage in sex Online. For the first two days her body temperature rose up to F and her husband stayed at home nursing her. She then unstrapped Asha’s bra from behind and started working on her back.

He quickly told her what had transpired and dressed up this groggy woman in her top and jeans and told her to go by the spiral staircase into the service lane and take an auto home quickly.

However the tiredness would prevail n at times he would just ejaculate inside her very fast leaving her unsatisfied.