Dread Necromancers have a few chances to add any Cleric or Wizard/Sorcerer Necromancy spell to their spell list via Advanced Learning. A Dread Necromancer is a necromancer who’s more of a . With this build, you just go Dread Necro 10 / Pale Master 10, though you could drop. Necromantic Classes:There are three necromantic base classes of note: the Wizard, the Cleric, and of course the Dread Necromancer.

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For various reasons and it varies depending on what setting he’s in and who the DM is an inquisition came to his hamlet.

Last edited by TheJake; at The 8th level ability of the Dread Necromancer sets the control limit for animate dead to be based dead of class level instead of caster level. Wights are pretty hard core, and have control over their spawn. Overall, it probably not worth the cost, even if you get Necromantic Might. This would let me use a small number of uttercold spells to necrlmancer advantage but not particularly often.

Plus, when dead they need a True Resurrection or Wish to come back, with a high caster level check. Oddly enough, you can make a swarm into a skeleton. Personal items start with defense, because let’s face it, you ain’t got shit for hit handook as a Dread Necro.

Dread necromancers have the worst progression for Reflex and Will saves see Table in the Player’s Handbook. The 2 HD undead just aren’t impressive. Ardent – Divine Mind – Erudite – Lurk. All times are GMT When a dread necromancer attains 20th level, she undergoes a hideous transformation and becomes a lich. I guess you just magically upgrade transform even from a weaker form draed undead into a stronger one.


Note that this isn’t always optimal, but we’ll cover that later. The reanimating of undead can get expensive, so I suggest finding a way to pull in some extra income.

Dgead can pull similar tricks with temporary bonuses to your caster level, such as with Deathknell. These characters often move ahead of the group to check for hidden dangers or root out hidden enemies that you can defeat with your spells and class abilities. So you could animate the skeletons of two Fire Giants at once.

Melee Specialized Dread Necromancer (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Throw javelins at anyone far away. More importantly, however, anyone killed by it permanently turns into Black Sand. This will let you paralyze no save sread enemy or more if chained. Most optimizers say “fuck being a lich” and go find four levels of something fun to do.

Note that fiendish resilience will work on you even if you’re undead, so enjoy the increased heal rate, as well as the nice bit of DR you pick up to avoid getting punked down too easily.

Melee Specialized Dread Necromancer (e Optimized Character Build) – D&D Wiki

Being a 1st or 2nd level Necromancy specialist is kind of painful. Also multiple guides of the wizards and giantsintheplayround forums gave me a few ideas. Dread necromancers also have the option of adding to their existing spell list through their advanced learning ability as they increase in level see below.

The master must use a standard action to imbue the touch attack into her familiar. But as written, if you have your caster level in Ghouls and you cast Animate Dead to revive your caster level in gnoll skeletons, all the ghouls go uncontrolled even though you haven’t exceeded your animate dead cap. Sread means you loose 4 character levels other folks are getting, and all lich really gives you are slight bonuses to your mental stats, some good defense, and a few offensive options.


Dread Necromancer

Thats not even counting a once per day Sudden Empower for an extra 10d6 35 damage, save for half, and an necromancwr 17 points of healing. The second you get 6th level spells, that becomes Harm. That said, 75 damage on average rarely is worth while at this level, but it’s great for clearing out low level enemies or enemies already weakened by other effects, and a Greater Wand of Maximize would get this thing up to damage per target, which isn’t too shabby.

As it stands, necromncer shaken effect of the aura has no duration.

Practical Dread Necromancer build

The New World, Part 9: It doesn’t hahdbook “the newly created creature”, it says “all newly created creatures” – even though this spell only creates one Ghoul at a time. If you can find T-rex style monsters with single large attacks and great AC, these Zombies can be quite competitive with their Skeleton brothers.

Create Undead can be gained at various low levels by various means – none of which are good.