DRILLING ÄND BLASTING OF ROCKS CARLOS LOPEZ JIMENO Project Director for EPM, SA EMLIO LOPEZ JIMENO FRANCISCO JAVIER. Submitted By. drilling blasting rocks filetype pdf free Engineer requires continuous use of drilling and blasting or special power. Facts About: Underwater Drilling. faced with a number of challenges in the area of drilling and blasting such as blasting cost, explosives consumption, airblast, blast induced ground vibration and flyrocks. Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type.

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Design of blasting rounds.

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks

If isolated stnictural elements exist which should exert l i t: This method takes less time, is more cost-effective and is being widely used in contour blastings. A minimum height of 12 m is recommended, although a lesser height can also be used for cast blasting. One inconvenience of the system isthe irregularity and poor condition of the roof after each blasting.

In down the hole drilling the piston energy is transrnitted directly to the bit, giving greater performance. Placing of blastinng blastholes in a concrete wall.

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks – CRC Press Book

The ingredients are put into the tmck’s mixing funnel from which viletype pumped into the blasthole through a flexible hose. Bauer T Bill Lane Inc.: This explains why the distances from the lead blastholes drillinf said voids are smailer than would be needed if the free face were planar or filetyoe convex, Fig. Porosity in rocks with the Same lithology also reduces strength proportionately, more porosity – less strength; as it simultaneously reduces the number of contacts of the mineral particles and the force of reciprocal action between them.


InRuence frilling spacing in bench blasting Dick and others. The loading hose is located in the back of the truck and is about 10 m in length which permits the charging of 3 or 4 blastholes from the Same position when the truck is driven between two rows. Taking into account the compressive rock strength, the dimension of H can also be calculated from D with the average values indicated in Table The following conditions should be undertaken for operative criteria: Method of demolishing a chimney stack Berta, These values are unknown.

In these drills, two of the basic actions, rotation and percussion, are produced outside the blasthole, and are transmitted by the shank adaptor and the dnll steel to the dnll bit. Moments before loading the blastholes, the two or three components are mixed in the truck, in the desired proportions, and the resulting explosive is then delivered by either of the two systems described previously. fiiletype

Special precaution should be taken with the alterations produced by throw and airblast. Polyurethane foam uphole plug. When vertical drilling is canied out and the rock horizon in the Zone of stemming is filetyep greater strength than in the rest of the bench, it rnight be useful to dnll relief or auxiliary blastholes which improve fragmentation, Fig.

The proportion of gassing agent should be adjusted to give the sluny the required sensitivity and bulk strength. This article fuletype text from this source, which is in the public domain. Method of operation when blasting for maximum displacement.

A variation of the room and pillar method in inclined orebeds is composed of sloping drifts which serve as access to the operation zones and can be climbed by the jumbos. The criticai zones of the demolition are the abutments and the arches.

Drilling and blasting – Wikipedia

The systems of rock drilling that have been developed and classified according to their order of present day applicability are: As the lbasting strength is greater than the tensile strength, a selective charge distribution should be used so that the specific energy in the bottom of the blasthole be from 2 to 2.


Blasthole dewatering – Cuts costs. This procedure is the most risky and should only be used as an alternative to the aforementioned in an extreme case.

C The rock of the wedge is pulverized. The advantages of this alternative system are: The fall of the chimney is eliminated by blasting part of the sustaining base in such a way that the vertical of the Center of gravity moves out of the remaining base, producing a lack of balance of the constmction and a turning of the same in a deterrnined direction, as happens during the felling of a tree, Fig.

W da1midap. The larger rock, within those distribution curves, is called rip-rap. The diameters of these hoses is in function with the – Less personnel required for the chargng operation.

Blasthole flushing is carried out with a flow of air, water or foam that is injected by pressure to the bottom through an opening in the Center of the drill steel and flushing holes in the dnll bits.

It is the equivalent of the powder factor of gellatin dynarnite necessary to fragment the rock, normally between 0. In collaring errors, it is frequent to find deviations of more than 10 cm or typically about one hole diameter.