Oleg Jefimenko Electrostatic Motors FULL BOOK 75p – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Electrostatic. OLEG D. JEFIMENKO West Virginia University. Electrostatic M o t o r s. Their History, Types, and Principles of Operation —. With many illustrations, of which power electrostatic motors can transfer to demonstrate their usefulness and utilize the by Professor Oleg D. Jefimenko and graduate students in the ‘s.

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He was trying to develop and expand Newton’s theory, making it compatible with the principle of causality and making it applicable to time-dependent gravitational interactions. Although a foot vertical antenna can be handled safely in fair weather, it can pick up a lethal charge during thunderstorms.

By resorting to such stratagems experimenters can devise motors that are extremely light in proportion to their power output. Cut edges can be sanded so they have a white, frosted appearance that, in contrast with clear surfaces, gives your finished motor a sparkling, jewel-like moyors. It twirled merrily from electric power drawn out of thin air.

A pair of indented setscrews could be substituted for the clock bearings. The plates were electrified by an external source of power through the polarity-reversing switch known as a commutator. One design consists of an electret in the shape of a wafer-thin sheet of Mylar supported by a flat disk of balsa wood millimeters in diameter and three millimeters electrostxtic.

The center of the shaft was supported transversely by an axle.

As the thimbles grazed that jar, a spark would again transfer charge, which was of opposite polarity. Corona motors require no brushes or commutators. Jefimenko would like to set up a large antenna in such a spot, then aim an ultraviolet laser beam at a receiving site electrostatiic away at ground level. At higher altitudes the rate decreases. Electret Scientific Company, For example, a single sharp point can draw electric current from the surrounding air at a rate of only about a millionth of an ampere.


On the night of Sept. Although its measured efficiency is better than 50 percent, Poggendorff regarded it merely as an apparatus for investigating electrical phenomena.

Such balloons, each three feet in diameter, and the helium to inflate them are available from the Edmund Scientific Co. As Jefimenko points out, a limiting factor of the corona motor is its required minimum potential of 2, volts. A point-studded balloon tethered by a wire at an altitude of 75 meters might be expected to deliver.

Oleg D. Jefimenko

This design needs no foil lining or backing because a potential gradient exists between electrodes on opposite sides of the disks. The upper end of the tinsel was hoisted aloft by a cluster of three weather balloons. About a yard away he placed a sharp-pointed corona antenna and connected it to an electrostatic motor. The energy of the field can be tapped with a simple antenna in the form of a vertical wire that carries one sharp point or more at its upper end.

I had corrected the imbalance caused by a lump of cement at one end of the rotor by adding a counterweight on the opposite side at the opposite end of the cylinder.

Jefimenko thinks that earth-field antennas could be built to extract viable amounts of it.

Oleg D. Jefimenko – Wikipedia

Motors of this type are based on the force of mutual attraction between unlike electric charges and the mutual repulsion of like charges. The field changes constantly. Drill and tap the acrylic and assemble parts with machine screws. At feet the rotor made between and revolutions per minute. It is even possible to build a linear corona motor, a design that serves to achieve translational motion.


Inhe was awarded the Sigma Xi Prize. Acrylic cuts and works beautifully. As the electret moved between the attracting plates, however, the commutator switched the plates to matching polarity. So the rotor-electrode distance was constantly changing. Effective cylinders can be formed inexpensively out of plastic sewer pipe. However, the greatest concentration is near the ground and diminishes with altitude rapidly.

Today, we use electromagnetic motors almost exclusively. Connect the pointed wire to the fine conductor, get the sharp point up into the air at least feet with a kite or balloon, and hook the wire to one side of the motor. Anything that is available online has been referenced. The correspondingly higher voltages become difficult to confine.

A moment later, we lost count. When the machine operated from a source of from 8, to 13, volts, rotational speeds of up to 12, revolutions per minute were eldctrostatic. Then we noticed that the disk always stopped with one side down.

It represents a physical approach profoundly different from the time-space geometry approach of the Einstein general theory of relativity.