Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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The following example illustrates how symbols can be used to generate special characters:. In particular, object names may be split over multiple lines. These tags are usually put in the the docstring of the function to be documented. I think that maybe I am missing latex but I am not very familliar grnerate tex and latex. These options may be repeated to further increase or decrease verbosity.

Docstrings for genertae Epydoc now supports variable docstrings.

  ASTM E1252 PDF

Epydoc: Frequently Asked Questions

This is an instance variable. In particular, object names may be split over multiple lines. Unfortunately, epydoc fails when generating the pdf file.

Epydoc combines the information obtained from these two methods to provide more complete and accurate documentation. Use rpm to install the new package. This is a paragraph. If any bug field is used, the HTML writer will generate a the page genreate.

Improvements to Efficiency Epydoc 2.

What’s New in Epydoc

This opens the options pane, which contains fields corresponding to each command line option. Epytext markup is broken up into the following categories:.

Currently, three styles are supported. This is a second list item.

Using Epydoc

Improvements to Inspection Support for new Python 2. Docstrings will be rendered verbatim. For a more extensive example of epydoc’s output, see the API documentation for Python 2.

How can I make epydoc go faster? Fenerate a single name is found in this lookup, then its URL is returned. A blank line is a line that only contains whitespace. On Windows, this script is named epydoc. Whitespace within object names is ignored.


The following example which has an unusually high ratio of documentaiton to code illustrates some of the basic features of epytext:. Changes Support for ReStructuredText docstrings.

Epydoc: What’s New

The age of the fox in years “”” [ The length of the underline must exactly match the length of the heading. A list of the modules that should be checked. Paragraphs A paragraph is the simplest type of basic block. This option may be used multiple times, if you wish to use multiple configuration files.

Inline markup may be nested. Each item takes a file line and it is separated by the URL by a tab charecter. In addition, two special escape codes are defined: