The following launches the Forgotten Realms Calendar Tool — chronicling the complete cycle of days (with important holidays and Shieldmeet. D&D Forgotten Realms Calendar. The Hours of the Day. The Faerunian Year. The Calendar of Harptos. The Calendar of Harptos – picture. The Roll of Years. I used Twitter Bootstrap to pull together a calendar to help me keep track of time in my campaign. This will undoubtedly evolve as I find myself.

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Forgotten Realms Calendar

Princes of the Apocalypse. In any case, not all cultures and nations use Dalereckoning years to record their history, and a DM should keep this in mind.

Having a printed calendar on hand helped us to keep track of major events in our campaign. Thus, the Shieldmeet years of the most recent century are as follows: Stardard or Leap Year.

Calendar of Harptos

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. This calendar links up perfectly with the Toril, Earth and Rune Calendars. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. August 05, I decided that the days would simply restart at the beginning of each new year, which differentiates my version from WotC’s but keeps things simple.

This reckoning is now largely caoendar except in ancient texts. My first campaign was set in the Realms and as it continued well beyond my initial hopes, my players started to ask about a way to keep track of dates that mattered to them.


D&D Forgotten Realms Calendar

You may download, print, and share these resources for personal use but please do not claim them as your own or offer them for sale. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

Dalereckoning is taken from the Year of Sunrise, when the Standing Stone was raised by the elves of Cormanthor and the human Dalesfolk. The folk of Faerun do not generally have clocks to keep time so they arrange meetings by the time of day early morning, noon, dusk.

Rogues Gallery of Rune. These titles are supposed to represent major events for the year, so they are spread and used regularly. Beholder Drow dark elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. To see how this can work out in a campaign, have a look at Our Basic Campaign Calendar.

Five of these months Hammer, Tarsakh, Flamerule, Eleint, and Uktar have fest days that are not numbered at the end of those months. Empires rise, make their marks, and fall in spectacular ways, only to return as ruins later on. To the common people, it is the mark of the midpoint of the worst of the cold.

Forgotten Realms Calendar | Princes of the Apocalypse | Obsidian Portal

Clendar is considered a bad omen if the weather is bad on this night. If your are interested in astrology information for your character, have your characters faerun birthday handy and click HERE. It’s like having a rewind button for your campaign. A day or relaxation before the preparation of the land before planting. It is traditionally a feast day where plans are made for the year ahead. Year names are listed in Year Names in Dalereckoning.


November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Each month has its own name, a title, and is made up of three weeks. Home Wurld of Rune. There are days in the year, split up into twelve months of thirty days each with five holidays that fall between some months.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The names of the months are given in both the formal names and the common ones. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: The holidays do not fall on the actual day the season changes. The year gap between Cormyr Reckoning and Dalereckoning has caused much of the confusion regarding elder days.

Plus, you get a day free trial, so there’s nothing to lose.

Betrothals are traditionally made on this night.