Kettlebell Muscle: The Secrets of Compound Kettlebell Lifting [Geoff Neupert] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kettlebell Muscle Kettlebell. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kettlebell Muscle: The Geoff Neupert is an absolute master of his game(the double kettlebells) this book . The time has gone by in the blink of an eye; I completed week 4 of 12 of Geoff Neupert’s kettlebell muscle building program today. Completing the last sets of the.

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It teaches you how to powerfully snap your hips and then direct the kettlebells with your arms and in the right path too.

Snatch x10 High Pull x10 Swing x10 Week 1: Think they’re worth doing with a pair of 16s? They are found in the center of your body and along the spine and around the pelvis.

So your work is limited by the weakest exercise in the complex. Here are some simple ones: This mammer-jammer will make it happen. Clean Em Up 15 7. Sarcopenia, or the loss of muscle mass, was much more detrimental to aging people than loss of Vo2 max or aerobic capacity.

You must consult your physician prior to starting this program or if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity.

Geoff Neupert – More Kettlebell Muscle

This is not a how-to book on krttlebell kettlebell technique. This is the only program in this book where youll use just one kettlebell for the complex. Double clean x 5 Double military press geofc 5 Front squat x 5 Double push press x 5 Front squat x 5 I am working with the 12 kg pound kettlebells. Even a small increase in your RM numbers means an increase in strength, so I’d like you to test at the very end of the program as well, after taking a week off.


Yuri Verkhoshansky stated that one set of 10 cleans with a pair of 32kg bells elevated elite weightlifters heart rates and kept them there for ten minutes!

I usually prefer every other day for complexes and chains and high-density work like this. Great for leaning neuprrt. To perform the workout, clean the kettlebells to the rack position, then perform a set of military presses.

This suddenly turns 20 programs into Trust me, youll thank me on week 6. What This Book Is Not Clean x5 Press x5 Snatch x5 Day 3: Goeff, its a great loaded hip mobility exercise too. Its so powerful, that Im not even writing it as a full program. It’s tough and I only did 5 weeks of it before moving onto simple and sinister. You just have to make sure your form is good with double bells.

Geoff Neupert – More Kettlebell Muscle

Ask your questions, add new workouts or just brag about your last workouts. Toxins are stored in fat, away from vital organs.

The load moved in this rep workout is pounds. On top of that, you now have to deal with the inclusion of the Renegade Row. And feel free to take an extra breath or two between reps of the Jerk. Geoff’s stuff is legit. Sir Snatch-a-lot 27 A better strategy is to muzcle straight ahead with your neck in extension as this facilitates shoulder extension, and makes the lats do their job.


I really like the program because it’s quick but tough. It is the norm for not for me to get testimonials from guys packing on average a pound of muscle per week, often more, by only working out approximately one hour per week. And, if you’re someone who has been relying largely on barbells or gepff, they could be ketflebell what you’ve been looking for.

Ending Week 4 of Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Muscle Plan

It is strongly recommended that have a complete physical examination if you are sedentary, if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, kettlbell diabetes, if you are overweight, or if you are over 30 years old. Its a beautiful exercise that works your entire body quite thoroughly, especially if you use StrongFirst methodology and forego the energy conserving techniques of kettlebell sport. By the time this is over, youll wish you had more rest periods!