Welcome! Learn more about spotted hyenas, ‘paleo’ diet and life, humans as hunters, and the world of “The Gnoll Credo”, and come talk about it in the forums. The Gnoll Credo has ratings and 20 reviews. Arnstein said: A short book which is at different times: (a) an anthropological study of hyainamorph anth. The Gnoll Credo is a novella which is a thinly disguised polemic about the need for humans to recognise their true nature as hunters and what.

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Book ratings by Goodreads. What makes it even crazier is we don’t really ever get to see first hand this fictional society, all we get are second-hand accounts of the main gnoll character telling us about gnoll society along with the occasional “oh yeah, I remember seeing that once” from the narrator. The term refers to the claim that to be close to nature is to be close to our better selves, and so the primitive person is a better person because of this closeness. Because if there were, someone might have risked a violent and painful death to find them, study them, and bring back this book.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Sorry, US orders only for signed copies. Jun 14, Ryan Hebert rated it it was amazing. I wish that the author had just written this as an essay instead of as a novel. Mar 17, Neghar Fonooni rated it it was amazing. You should all work out more, quit your jobs, abandon all your possessions and wealth, denounce all your silly religions, and eat lots of meat” at this I laughed and cried at the same time because of the sheer brutal honesty and beauty of those words.

Feb 18, Lisa rated it did not like it. During the course of his fieldwork, he develops an intense friendship with his main contact, a Gnoll female.

The Gnoll Credo : J. Stanton :

In Australia or New Zealand? While reading this, I kept feeling that the author simply wanted to get his point across, which is fine The gnolls practice a very pragmatic culture and don’t waste anything. This is why we laugh. Though it is a book th Bnoll Gnoll Credo tells the tale of Gryka and Aidan, two tremendously different individuals – one being human and the other being a Gnoll.


The Gnoll Credo

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Though it is a book that can quickly and easily be read, there is not much to grasp from it. I haven’t dropped a book without completing it in over a year, and I wasn’t going to start now, but Gjoll couldn’t wait for this experience to be over. Although Gjoll think Quinn’s books are better organized and coherent. A short book which is at different times: To ask other readers questions about The Gnoll Credoplease sign up.

Just like ‘lagomorph’ means ‘hare-shaped’ so would ‘hyainamorph’ mean ‘hyaena-shaped,’ and a ‘hyainamorph anthropoid’ would thus be a hyena-shaped being that resembles humans — which would, in other words, make ‘hyainamorph anthropoid’ the best two-word summary of the fantastical creature that is now known as ‘the gnoll.

I am no prude when it comes to foul language in books, but it served the story in no way except to fill in gaps where the author ran out of creativity, which was often. Overall, I found the book itself, purely as a piece of writing, to be not difficult to read.

The Gnoll Credo resembles a work of anthropology biased towards the idea of the noble savage. Want to Read saving….

The Gnoll Credo by Josh Stanton

The Gnoll Credo is first-class crrdo research. The manifesto is linked to the dietary principles of the paleo diet, which the author adheres to, and it seems that he wants the gnoll to be a kind of poster child or ideal in that regard.

Sep 10, Troy Mccullough added it. Crredo 29, Tiffany rated it liked it. Janelle rated it really liked it Sep 05, The writing is stylistically pleasing, and the pace remains steady throughout the story. It may not be possible to describe this work without making it sound like one of many other-world sci-fi or alternate world fantasy novels.


The two share tales and learn about each others’ cultures through conversation, and we learn what it credoo to be a Gnoll in a world that initially seems distant but is littered with references from our world.

A well-written piece of fiction Secondly, the story crredo rather stereotypical: Sell that ‘enchanted’ sword and come join the hyena-people. This lack of a different fantasy setting may be enough to deter some readers, but the real deterrence may be in the actual writing. Finally, there is one more reason as to why one might gnnoll to read The Gnoll Credo: Stanton uses the book to create a brilliant contrast to the rcedo consumerism and unhappiness we are surrounded by.

The alternative would be a distant and potentially dismissive report, which would be nowhere near as informative nor fascinating when considering this as a story and as a fantasy ecology. I have very, very mixed feelings about this book, and I am going to try to express them as best I can.

I too thoroughly enjoyed this book, but found the book confusing at times. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Podcast, can’t remember which. This is why we laugh. Between their many conversations, across years, a mutual fascination emerges, eventually leading to a close friendship. Yet, surprisingly, they have seen very little participation in the genre despite their fame.

I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our gnol, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. It poses many internal questions that will keep you pondering provided ceedo you enjoy pondering about your basic values and the why of your behavior and society’s behavior as a whole.