GURPS Infinite Worlds: Lost Worlds is a collection of timelines we couldn’t squeeze into GURPS Infinite Worlds. Written by fan-favorite Kenneth Hite, these six. After spending far too long working on it (mostly due to spending far longer not working on it) I can finally present my rendition of the Siva There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds Iskander-5, CE , TL3 Celtic-Hellenistic Kingdoms TL(4+1), Lost Worlds 8.

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GURPS Infinite Worlds – IST | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Infinity Patrol must deal with their ruthless rivals, as well as with world-jumping criminals, and with the possibility that the secret of dimension travel might escape to some of the really nasty alternate worlds like Reich Centrom-Beta lost 15 years going from to confirming the Homelines of 3e and 4e are different.

With this the Scramble for the Americas was indinite. Some joked that the CEC were an alliance of the austrian dog with his bavarian tail. From Fear to Eternity It has been said that an optimist believes we live in the best of all worlds, while a pessimist fears we do. May 24, Location: The war lasted till This is an average ghrps about points of damage.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers | Page 16 | Alternate History Discussion

It found them in Argentina. Known generally as “Deadly Settings”, “Reality Vanish” or just ” Vanish “, there are at least 41 parachronic coordinate settings where people wotlds objects sent into them never return. But you can’t pack infinite information into a finite form — some material just won’t fit. Centrum is included in this number.


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Any time, any place, any world, any genre. It offers detailed advice on the unique challenges of running this kind of campaign, and on designing and playing characters who regularly cross between settings. But soon the tail started to wag the dog.

Hell on Earth Skallagrim and wellis like this. Some timelines have moved quantum and a few even changed “local present” in 4th edition; those with only 3rd ed. Schroeck, and others – A mix of unofficial and rejected material. Finally, each section contains campaign ideas, with possibilities for natives and outworld operatives.

I was wondering if anyone had done a cover of it or not, as it seems like an interesting scenario.

Worlds of Infinite Worlds

Crying and wellis like this. Texas and Mexico were now part of an german zone of influence.

But a parallel called Centrum has also developed the technology to hop between the worlds. The german and irish immigrants were out of several reasons not happy with the inclusion in a nation dominated by slavery and protestantism. Lost Worlds, there’s even more to explore! GeekGold Bonus for All Words at year’s end: Each of these worlds stands on its own, with strange, new vistas to investigate.

DlgCrying and RiverDelta like this. Yes, my password is: Written by fan-favorite Kenneth Hite, these six worlds run the gamut from unusual historical echoes of interest to Homeline, to bizarre timelines where robots rule the world or steam-powered technology is commonplace! Anchor echoes are sometimes viewed as sorlds parallels. After news of this crossed the Atlantic, a major outcry occurred in the german press. An attractive looking man with blond hair and bulging muscles.


Sep 19, Location: Please select a support frequency. Tech Levels for uninhabited worlds are listed “NA”. Sean Punch 29 pages. Garibaldi was executed by french troops after a failed landing in Sicily. Sean Punch 17 pages. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in indinite and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. Four shifted to Quantum 5; eleven have moved to Quantum 7 six of which were due to Centrum influence ; one Engstrom shifted to Quantum 4 and seven have not been rediscovered.

An infinity of Earths is waiting for you! It takes 16 turns to get up to full speed, accelerating at 14 yards per second per second. But you can’t pack infinite information into a finite form — some material just won’t fit.

He flies around in a spandex super suit righting wrongs and fighting evil doers.

GURPS Infinite Worlds – IST

Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Each of these worlds stands on losh own, with strange, new vistas to investigate. There are over 18 known post-apocalyptic worlds that suffered nuclear war, and three that suffered biowarfare B Damage he can take: