Selling this Holfi Audis Integrated Amp, I’m rating it 8/10 due to age, still working but without box and manual. My price will be RM, location. Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | Sound & Vision, Home Audio & HiFi Separates, Amplifiers & Pre-Amps | eBay!. I bought the Holfi Integra after listening to several other amplifiers, both cheaper and more expensive than the Integra 8, including the “little brother”, the Audis.

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Whether you go for plain or pukka Puccini, the results are fast enjoyable and detailed. The amplifiers are buildt with simplicity and with the “keep it simple and short” attitude.

Email to friends Share on Facebook auudis opens in a holf window or tab Share on Twitter – opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest – opens in a new window or tab. As you say it’s sounded brutal with the ML motions but you also say it sounded good in a previous post, what changed?

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The seller has relisted this item or one like this. Hey James W I am a little confused in this thread? What about upgrading your cables instead of replacing the ? When opening the cabinet, cherry wood in front!

Holfi Audis integrated amplifier (Cherry) | eBay

Yes, the LFD amps aueis are that good. A very capable integrated with a smoothness and warmth predisposed to classical rather than rock. Difficult to beat at the price. Hi-Fi World, Powered by Joomla! The Holfi guys in Denmark has done things their way, and very well so!


Build quality is simply superb for the money. Nothing against James W here in any way at all, but it’s a mistake to make decisions solely based on one person’s opinion or get conclusions based on just a few other opinions on forums. To my ears when paired with Harbeths you get the warmest kind of analog purity combined with startling detail.

Available in 42 countries. A very fine phono stage and excellent performance is somewhat marred by the less than inspired overall sound. The bass is very impressive and tight! Impossible to beat in this price category.

Nov 19 auids, If you buy a Holfi you can allways upgrade it just like a PC! Skip to main content. A very tasty slice of high-end at a relatively sensible price.

Holfi Integra 8 Integrated Amplifiers user reviews : out of 5 – 2 reviews –

Fine quality bass but rather auis as regards timing. They are both very well regarded integrates and found at decent prices on the used market. Anything to recommend me? Likely among the best sounding SS amps I have heard. One of the best sounding amplifiers you’ll ever hear, the M3 has detail and transparancy beyond comprehension.

Insightful and detailed as well as amazingly powerful, the C is a bargain buy for audi seeking musical thrills.

Help using integrated amp as power amp!

Fantastic looking integrated with a big and lush sound. Oct 19 It has lots of power, no loss of breath even though it has only 2×70 watts in 8 Ohm 2x in 4 Ohm. Sets new standards at the price. Definitely one to audiss if its the Krell sound you crave. I bought mine unheard and because of very positive reviews online which is real audjs, but in this case the reviewers got it right. A very good all-rounder with super-clean sound.


Oct 15 See full item description. Not as smooth as the best.

I want to add the word ‘experience’ hofi that “opinions on forums” sentence, as the words “experiences and opinions from people on forums” would be more appropriate. Sun Feb 28, Sun Feb 28, 3: Good detail and a spacious open sound gives acoustic music and the majority of rock superb clarity.

Perhaps moving up the Totem line to a Hawk or Forest as these both provide enhanced bass def. If you have bass-heavy speakers, the Kenwood could well smooth things out. Perhaps a bit too up-front. Could ideally do with more fire in its veins. However, I much prefer my current amp the E to either of the others. Mon Dec 31, 2: The NAD is actually very decent.

An exquisitely musical, dynamic and punchy sound, but flawed elsewhere.