Yes Ims simcat are very close to the level of difficulty of cat itself and give a good overview of the exam. Moreover aimcat are renown for their difficulty level so. Most CAT-aspirants would agree that taking Mock tests (SimCATs in IMS parlance) is a very crucial aspect of preparing for the CAT, however. Hi everyone! Thanks a bunch for the awesome response to the first two IMS SimCATs! Now, you can also be a part of the SimCAT. You have a chance to take .

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All you need to do is follow the below process to take the Test: Your guess is as good as mine. How to analyse a test? If this is not followed, no refund will be provided for the extra fee paid with respect to the applicable waiver.

So don’t worry and enjoy the CAT. You are required to verify the platform before completing any such transaction. While there is obviously a difference between the approach of successful candidates and those who do not perform well at the CAT, you would be surprised to find that even successful test-takers would have different stories to tell about their test-taking approach and strategy while preparing for the CAT.

Try the KISS theory. So, you score higher when there are more questions from your area of comfort and lower otherwise. Such a huge variation in percentile can possibly be explained by the fact that you are not working on your conceptual gaps between 2 SimCATs. You are required to verify the platform before completing any such transaction.


The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty. What would be a good study simcts to give the CAT if i start preparing from August?


To answer your question, you do not need anything more than the BRMs for your Math basics. Offers all the 40 SimCATs: I think this a natural feeling.

Taking CAT? Try the KISS theory

The most important aspect of my preparation was taking and analysing mock tests. And of course, IMS’s test series helped me a lot with my preparation. If you wish the centre to get in touch with you, please register your details here. I really wanted to know do sicats have a chance?

Benchmark analysis Let us first define the measurement parameters that will be used to measure your distance from your goal of getting an admission to a top B-School: As per the prevailing Govt.

I believe the IIM wants to be more transparent in the selection process and hence it has stated the minimum cut-offs. Each of these tests will be administered using test software that closely resembles the actual CAT — so that you feel you are taking the CAT before the CAT exam. Focus on the main test tomorrow and I am sure you will clear all the three cut-offs.

IMS’ mock tests and general test material helped me a lot. If it means you ending up solving all the RC passage, so be imss. Just like looking sumcats the mirror again and again without putting in sufficient effort between mirror visits to improve will not yield positive results, taking too many mock tests without through analysis and follow-up action would also be a useless exercise.

The minimum criteria is 50 per cent in graduation. The faculty and staff at IMS are very pleasant and helpful. For this, you need to first identify those questions that were attempted correctly by a majority of the top 10 percentilers in the test — these are the must-attempt questions or the potential score enhancers that you should have solved while taking the test in order to score higher.


Every institute specifies its own cut-offs — sectional or overall or both. Have faith; you will clear the Quant cut off for tomorrow for the IIMs. I know of percentilers who achieved the feat without taking more than 6 to 8 mock tests and also those who would attribute their success to religiously solving 30 to 40 mock tests before the CAT.

IMS makes no representations or warranties with respect to such third-party transactions, communications or other dealings. Relax, stay focused and all the best for tomorrow. As you solve these questions, you will be able to fill your conceptual gaps, you will get familiarised with the regular question types and you will get the confidence to solve questions from this area in the next SimCAT.

IMS SimCAT Plus Online Test Price in India – Buy IMS SimCAT Plus Online Test online at

These mocks were very close to the actual CAT paper and the explanation provided was very thorough as well. So take the CAT with an aim to maximise your score in each of the sections.

They had mocks of varying difficulty levels, which helped to test different test-taking skills.