Get this from a library! ICB: IPMA competence baseline, version [Gilles Caupin; International Project Management Association.;]. ICB: IPMA competence baseline, version Responsibility: [edited by] Gilles Caupin [et al.]. Edition: Version ; Imprint: Nijkerk: IMPA, International Project . facts about the IPMA organization and competences defined by their document – ICB, which stands for . IPMA Competence Baseline Version ( MB).

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Present options that address the issues. Control the quality of the deliverables. Quantitative risk and opportunity assessment provides a numerical value measuring the effect expected from risks and opportunities.

ICB IPMA Competence Baseline Version 3.0

Cersion the essential programs and benefits to the strategic goals of the organization. Project finance management ensures that in all project phases project manager knows how much financial resource is required for each time interval.

Consider options and consequences of each. Communicate decisions, lead the project organization. Discuss and evaluate each others responses, repeating steps until a conclusion is reached. Validate requirements at key points in the project life-cycle. Monitor project status and performance on specific dates. Documentation includes all the data, information, knowledge and wisdom accrued during the project life-cycle. A certification scheme contains the specific requirements related to particular categories of people to which the same standards and rules and the same procedures apply.


Update the cost estimate with respect to changes. Gets agreement on the solution.

Published by Akira Weld Modified over 4 years ago. Execute and control PM plans and changes, report on PM performance. Focus on areas where you agree and maintain a positive relationship with other parties.

Agree appropriate deliverables with the interested parties. Allocate budget to baselinr items, analyze advance payments. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Develop a means of displaying the structures. Set up project review process. Maintain, update and change the project organization during the project life-cycle if needed. Review results; make and communicate decisions.

ICB IPMA Competence Baseline Version ppt download

Plan, execute, control and close approved changes. Identify all proposed changes. Establish and control, book-keeping and financial auditing systems. Formally hand over the deliverables to the interested parties Document the lessons learnt and apply to future projects. Develop a detailed project management plan. The contextual competence range, containing 11 elements. Learn from your experiences and apply learning in the future.

Monitor progress, learn from each project and apply experiences. Eventually adjust project objectives. Forecast cost trends and final costs. Learn from stressful situations and loss of self-control.


Appreciate and communicate achievements promptly and adequately. A project phase is a discrete time period of the project sequence, which is clearly separate from other periods. Apply learning to future projects. Collect results achieved and communicate to relevant interested parties Evaluate PM success and failure and apply lessons learnt to future projects. Identify common ground and differences.

Analyze objectives, plans and identify any deviations; run trend forecasts Develop and apply corrective actions.

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The Project Management Process Groups. Identify all the organizational units that will provide resources to the project. Evaluate results of pilot program and if successful set up a PPP implementation program. Be proactive in discovering the reasons for tensions or fatigue and remove causes Take immediate action to minimize the problem.

The certification process encompasses all activities by which a certification body establishes that a person fulfils specifies vefsion requirements. Collects information on the interests of the various parties associated with the project and assesses their reliability on a personal and working level. Get changes accepted or rejected.