Triclosan (Irgasan DP ) (List of chemicals that may cause contact dermatitis / Chemicalien die contacteczeem kunnen veroorzaken). Triclosan (sometimes abbreviated as TCS) is an antibacterial and antifungal agent present in . Chemicals, which was acquired in by chemical giant BASF. BASF currently manufactures TCS under the brand name Irgasan DP Irgasan® DP Product Info. Description, Language, Legal Area. Material Safety Data Sheet, EN, CA, View (k). Material Safety Data Sheet, FR, CA, View.

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Journal of Food Protection. Degradation in Soil and Translocation into Onion and Tomato”. Braathen, Contact dermatitis from triclosan Irgasan DP Department of Health and Ageing. Incorporated into such footwear as men’s hosiery and insoles irgwsan shoes it is called an “odor-eaters” because it is claimed that this chemical can suppress the odor produced by foot organism. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Its efficacy as an antimicrobial agentthe risk of antimicrobial resistanceand its possible role in disrupted hormonal development remains controversial. It is similar in its uses and mechanism of action to triclocarban.

Irgasan DP in a deodorant.

Concerns on the health effects of triclosan have been raised after it was detected in human breast milk, blood, and urine samples. Skin 3000 Soft Tissue Injuries and Infections: This effect may also occur with chlorhexidine gluconate and PCMXamong other antibacterial agents.

Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine.

The advisory panel first met on June 29,and the agency published its proposed rule on Sept 13, Retrieved on October 27,http: Environmental Science and Technology. Triclosan can react with fp free chlorine in chlorinated tap water to produce lesser amounts of other compounds, such as 2,4-dichlorophenol.

Reopening of the Administrative Record. Retrieved October 20,http: American Journal of Dentistry. It 030 also used as an additive in plastics, polymers and textiles to give these materials antibacterial properties. Lay summary — ScienceDaily Nov 30, Triclosan may be directly applied to commercial HVAC coils, where it prevents microbial growth that xp to product degradation. Official Journal of the European Union. A study by Colgate-Palmolive found a significant reduction in gingivitis, bleeding, and plaque with the use of triclosan-containing toothpaste, [24] but an independent review of the Cochrane group suggests that while the reduction in gingivitis, bleeding, and plaque may be statistically significant, it may not be beneficial enough to yield clinical irgasaan.


Studies on rats have shown that irgasaan exposure modulates estrogen-dependent responses. Views Read Edit View history. Comparison of different methods of cutaneous sensitization with “weak” allergens. Toxic effects of dioxin contaminations. Additive in plastics, polymers and textiles to give these materials antibacterial properties Anti-microbial creams Anti-odor insoles and hose Bath additives Body wash Commercial laundry products Cosmetics Deodorant soaps Deodorants and antiperspirants Irggasan, dish washing liquids Disposable irgssan products Foot powders and sprays Laundry products Shampoos Toothpaste.

Humans do not have an ENR enzyme and thus are not affected by this mode of action. Solubility of triclosan igasan selected solvents and chemicals – Figures and Tables”. As little triclosan is released through plastic and textile household consumer products, these are not considered to be major sources of triclosan contamination. A bacterial host transformed by a plasmid harboring a triclosan-resistant mutant FabI gene mFabI as a selectable marker can grow in presence of high dose of triclosan in growth media.

In light of mounting evidence on the human health and ecotoxic effects of triclosan, some companies reformulated to remove it in advance of regulation: Retrieved 8 September A CNN article quotes the new law, “In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease and avoidable infections and to promote best practices in sanitation, no person shall offer for retail sale in Minnesota any cleaning product that contains triclosan and is used by consumers for sanitizing or hand and body cleansing.


Retrieved 17 Feb A widespread environmental toxicant with many biological effects.


It has a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic activity against a wide range irgsaan both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

Categorized as a polychloro phenoxy phenoltriclosan is a chlorinated aromatic compound that has functional groups representative of both ethers and phenols.

Retrieved on October 27, Food and Drug Administration. Triclosan favors anaerobic conditions which is typical in soil and sediment. In healthcare, triclosan is used in surgical scrubs and hand washes.

The Medical Journal of Australia. Triclosan was not approved by the European Commission as an active substance for use in biocidal products for product-type 1 in January A critical review of the literature”.

Disinfection of the skin with detergent preparations of Irgasan DP and other antiseptics.

Triclosan has been found to be a weak endocrine disruptorthough the relevance of this to humans is uncertain. As ofthere were five registrations [ further explanation needed ] for triclosan with the EPA. British Journal of Surgery. From Wikipedia, the free jrgasan. Triclosan is also used in the coatings for some surgical sutures. During wastewater treatment, a portion of triclosan is degraded, while the remaining adsorbs to sewage sludge or exits the plant as effluent.

This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Retrieved October 27,from http: Journal of Environment Quality. Because the FDA prohibited hexachlorophenea compound similar to triclosan, Halden dl others argued that the FDA should also ban triclosan.