2nd Company Tactical Marine. Chapter Name: Botherhood of Steel; Founding: 23rd “Sentinel” Founding; Founding Chapter: Iron Hands. Looking for fellow Iron Hands brethren. I’m building my IH army and would love to track down the Iron Hands info offered in the Index Astartes III. A further departure from the doctrines of the Codex Astartes is the lack of Chaplains. The Iron Hands suffered terrible losses at the hands of the Traitor Marines.

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Ferrus, however, refused such a fate, and he ordered his sons to withdraw, leaving those who chose death behind as unworthy cowards.

It was no Imperial force that the Iron Hands faced on their homeworld, but an echo of Mankind’s previous sins, rendered into cold steel and malign, soulless sentiences. Not all those who reach this ascended status are sons of Ferrus, however: The two Primarchs traded terrible blows, wounding one another deeply during their fierce struggle. Those afflicted by the curse of Nurgle, it seems, all chose to follow their master in his betrayal of the Emperor. The Wyrm was said to possess a skin of living metal that was stronger than any armour.

The impact shattered the mountain top, burying Ferrus deep in the ice in a tremendous explosion of steam. I do have a suggestion with the tribes if you’re interested, you state that the Night Watch like retrieving ancient technologies and you state that the tribes care for and worship the ancient technologies, so why not combine the two? It is known that when the Legions showed their true colours, he realised his impending doom and attacked the traitors with renewed fury, so desperate was he to face Horus.

The efforts of the Chapter bolstered key war zones and led Imperial Crusades to victory. While I’m not a fan of the Colour Scheme I do appreciate the effort put it them.

The Gorgon’s Forge (Iron Hands WIP)

Amidst the ruins of Medusa, the machines had felt the change in the galaxy’s fortunes, and they had risen from their tombs to purge the world from the ihdex ones that claimed to be its masters. Ferrus looked and saw a force larger than that which had begun the assault during the first wave of attack, mustered in the landing zone, armed and ready for battle.

In this they had successfully “raised the storm”; the Orks, bestirred in their millions by the attack from above and, ever-warlike, poured from their warrens to attack the invaders. They generally keep their end of any bargain made with another servant of Chaos, but respond to treachery with great fury, not stopping until the other side has been entirely eliminated.

He climbed the highest mountains, he swam the deepest oceans – always pushing himself and his asartes, pushing his levels of endurance and strength to nfathomable levels.

Still, he was distraught at the thought of leaving irin land and its people that had formed who he was in so many ways. The climate of Hephaston is broken up into three different zones: Instead, they received their orders of battle for the battle of Isstvan III. Corax and Vulkan elected to stay on the outside battlefield, to keep the newly arrived Legions from interfering, and the rest launched a final assault on the Palace. Ferrus attempted to use his silvery necrodermis hands to destroy Fulgrim’s golden sword Firebladebut the resulting irn knocked him unconscious.


Free of my memories, free of my last weakness. Pandorax was quite an obvious choice as for the place where it would happen for those of you who don’t know, it features in a Horus Heresy novel titled The Damnation of Pythos. The anger and hatred that the Iron Hands feel towards weakness grows daily.

These events drove the Iron Hands to despair as they returned to Medusa. Then, they profit of the confusion to abduct as many humans indsx they can, massing them in their ships before disappearing, leaving behind them worlds filled with the ghosts of a murdered culture. Aetartes will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months.

They believe that had the Legions been sufficiently strong and fought on instead of retreating, their Primarch would not have been lost, the Traitors would have been defeated, and the Heresy would have been crushed.

Scouted out by the Rogue Trader Hedrik Zuckermann and identified as a primary target of the early Great Crusade, it was into this alien domain that the combined forces of the Legions, with the Emperor at their head, slammed with devastating force in Operating as though still a part of their mother-Chapter, the Iron Hands’ exiles continued to indeex their numbers and strength, commending their gene-seed to higher Imperial authorities among the Adeptus Mechanicus and conducting their duties.

So don’t be surprised if you come back and find a few things changed.

Anyone have PDF of Iron Hands Index Astartes??? – Space Marines – 40K Online

The first wave was under the overall command of Ferrus Manus and besides his own Legion, the Iron Hands, the Loyalist forces included the Salamanders led by Vulkanand the Raven Guard under the command of Corvus Corax. Should a conclusion be drawn, should the Successor Chapters join with their founders once more, should support be offered by the Voice of Mars — thus far noticeably silent in the conclave — then a mighty weapon indeed would be forged.

When warbands return to the daemonworld after a campaign, its Apothecaries will bring the gene-seed of the fallen to the Nerragalia, feeding the essence of the dead to the great tree so that it may be renewed by Nurgle and spread across all future Iron Hands. Therefore, most warbands instead turn their attention to the Imperium. Although the Lord of Pain found it distasteful to associate with the Grandfather, needs must.

As such, when the true purpose of the war was revealed in all its horror, they were the farthest to any form of shelter from the virus bombing. Origins At the very dawn of the Imperium, a time of great deeds and mighty battles, Ferrus Manus broke the darkness of the world of Medusa and became the shining light of its people. If the Tyranids offend the Iron Hands with their revolting biomechanical nature, the Necrons are more blasphemous yet.


During this era of the Age of the Imperiumthe newly resurgent High Lords of Terra re-assembled the disparate strands of anarchy that had ravaged the Emperor’s realm and purged what could not be saved. Back to top 4 Paradogmatic Posted 27 July – Then the warband waits patiently for the plague to infect millions, and turn the entire planet into a hellish vision of corpses left to rot in the street and total collapse of the social order. He cast the machine’s inanimate form away before turning to the workers who had suffered the creature’s assaults every night for three months.

Notably reclusive, the Iron Hands are particularly hostile to outside interference, and they tolerate the continued investigations by the Inquisition with barley concealed disdain. Ferrus Manus also led the bravest warriors of the clans to delve into the frozen realms below, breaking open long-sealed vaults and intruding into ice-buried fragments of the great machine-works that had plunged from the skies in ancient days in search of salvage and strong metal. The contagion was reaching its paroxysm, and if the Emperor was not brought down soon and His secrets uncovered, all hope of curing the Iron Hands would be lost.

At the end of the battle, the X th Legion had suffered less than a fifth of its number in fatalities; a far lower figure than might have been expected if it had been forced to attack the ancient warren-tunnelled cityscapes and take them one-by-one in gruelling attrition. Ferrus Manus soon left with the Emperor to visit Terra, the world of his birth, and become acclimated to the customs and technologies of the Imperium of Man.

Iron Hands

It was later claimed by Nurgle during the incessant wars opposing the four Chaos Gods, and with the Iron Hands settling upon it, none of the other three Dark Gods have dared to contest that claim in millenia. Overwhelmed with rage, the headstrong Ferrus Manus disregarded the counsel of his brothers Corax and Vulkan and hurled himself against the fleeing rebels, seeking to bring Fulgrim to personal combat.

Rather, each individual Clan Company maintains a mobile version, great land behemoths that constantly traverse the treacherous landscape. Even if the subject survives the diseases, the gene-seed is far from perfect: He could see the awe in their gaze, but also the bitterness: The legends of the roaming clans, taught from father to son throughout the ages, revolve around the early exploits of Ferrus, who came to be regarded as a great warrior amongst the nomadic clans of Medusa.