“Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that his brilliant work will help to reconcile American intellectuals to. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Front Cover. Jean Laplanche. Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Jean Laplanche translated by Jeffrey Mehlman. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too.

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This implies as well that it is inseparable from a certain dialectical approach, entailing an evolution through reversals and crises, mediated by contradictions whose status will not be immediately apparent in any attempt to situate them. Now, if this mechanism of elaboration is employed in the normal manner, it happens that in certain cases the subject is deprived of any recourse to it.

And in the Project for a Scientific Psychology, which undertakes to construct a psychology, the problem is posed in the more general framework of a psychology of defense.

And this is ,ife what happens in the case of the hysterical proton pseudos. Thereupon he could easily respond that his theory entailed nothing of the sort, since it was based entirely on conflict and conflict implies duality. And yet even in so late a text as the Outline, one senses the immense difficulty experienced by Freud in proposing a synthesis, as though his final contribution—concern- ing Eros and the death drive—could but barely be integrated into the first notion of sexuality.

Lists with This Book. Hsu rated it really liked it Sep 27, Let me tell you straightaway the great secret which has been slowly dawning on me in recent months. Which is to say that in therapy—although it can be defined in no other way than as an unveiling of truth—ultimately a reference to death as the truth of life or as the experience of truth can only be regarded as an uninterpretable, axiomatic limit-element.

Jean Laplanche, Psychoanalyst, |

Moreover, the definition of a “sexual instinct” ultimately would consist only in a revised and improved version of the “popular conception. When we speak of a “sexual reaction,” moreover, we are evoking not only the possibility of new physiological reactions, but, in correlation, the exist- ence of sexual ideas.

We shall attempt to delineate how these three different levels may be articulated, how specifically the movement of Freud’s thought, the heuristic level, follows—as in every profound exercise of thought—the movement of the “thing itself: We have kept our promise in the sense that we did indeed pose the question, with Freud and psychoanaoysis him, of how it is that sexuality should be found at the center of psychical conflict.


Sara-Maria Sorentino rated it it laplannche amazing Jul 09, From this, of course, arises the impossibility of ultimately ever rediscovering the object, since psycohanalysis object which has been lost is not the same as that which is to be rediscovered.

Nadine Laplanche died in spring Afterwards she reproached herself for having gone the second time, as though she had wanted to provoke the assault. Freud will generate the specificity of repression through a comparison with normal modes of defense. Indeed the entire body of Deaath oeuvre is constituted by Laplanche as an elaborately structured polemical field in which two mutually exclusive conceptual schemes may be seen to be struggling, as it were, to dominate—or cathect—a single terminological apparatus.

Edath a natural, functional rhythm that of rutting disappears, while elsewhere there emerges a different kind of sequence, which is incomprehensible without calling into play such categories as repression, reminiscence, work of elaboration, “deferred action.

At its origin it attaches itself to [or props itself upon; entsteht in Anlehnung ah] one of the vital somatic functions; it has as yet no sexual object, and is psycnoanalysis auto-erotic; and its sexual aim is dominated by an erotogenic zone.

Jean Laplanche

Moreover, in each of these conceptual pairs, one of the elements is solidary with a kaplanche conceptual scheme and the other with a second one. In this detour through the introjected, fantasied scene, we rediscover the notion of the source of the drive that we commented on psychanalysis the preceding chapter from another point of view, based on the “biological” considerations present in the Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.

The advantage of using propping, of putting emphasis on it in Freud’s lzplanche is clearly apparent in the discussion of the genesis of sexuality that is envisaged by Laplanche as a movement of deviation from the instinctual processes.

It is, Freud tells us in the Three Essays, “the act to which deafh drive is driven. For it is not the least exhilarating aspect of this work to provoke in the reader the disquieting sense that for reasons already manifest in the contradictions dividing the original text against itself, the principal thrust of Freud’s theory may have been uncannily lost in translation. Translator’s Introduction IX orientation of Lacan’s reading of Freud, and yet it never invokes—or intimidates its readers with—the magisterial pronouncements of that author.


But, in another light, the second perspective had the effect of profoundly correcting the first. If a trauma an experience of pain occurs for the first time when there is already an ego in existence [this is the important point: For Ferenczi the languages of tenderness and passion have their psychoanalysls encounter in childhood, and it is that clash which is at the origin of trauma, of the first psychical conflict.

Such is the position of a psychoanalytic author like Balint who undertakes, with frequently attractive arguments, to demonstrate that a “primary object love” in the child exists,12 so successfully, in fact, that henceforth all psychoanalytic discussion concerning the object has been restricted to the following alternative: Jivitesh Vashisht rated it it was amazing Nov 13, Now sexuality, in ajd entirety, in the human infant, lies in a movement which deflects the instinct, metaphorizes its aim, displaces and internalizes its object, and concentrates its source on what is ultimately a minimal zone, the erotogenic zone.

A kind of internal-external instance had been formed: Hence the incongruity; for A is accompanied by consequences which it does not seem to deserve, which are not appropriate to it.

For “pansexuality” does not necessarily mean that sexuality is “everything,” but perhaps that in “everything” there is sexuality. The drive properly speaking, in the only sense faithful to Freud’s discovery, is sexuality. No trivia or quizzes yet. Therein lies the key to the essential “duplicity” situated at the very beginning of the sexual quest.

A soldier will sacrifice himself for a laolanche of coloured cloth on a pole [i.

Life and Death in Psychoanalysis

It is not, in any event, through any psychobio- graphical orientation that this work would be psychoanalytic. But even without the perspec- tive afforded by considerations of relation to lsplanche, we are convinced that there exists a theoretical truth to Kleinian thought, a way of reinterpreting it so as to rediscover what, in “psychical reality,” consti- tutes its basis. For the death drive does not possess its own energy. Later he began attending lectures and undergoing psychoanalytic treatment under Jacques Lacan.