“Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that his brilliant work will help to reconcile American intellectuals to. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too much to hope that Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Front Cover. Jean Laplanche. Life and Death in Psychoanalysis. Jean Laplanche translated by Jeffrey Mehlman. “Laplanche’s work is much more accessible than Jacques Lacan’s; is it too.

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We should accustom ourselves to the idea that the meanings implicit in the slightest parental gesture bear the parents’ fantasies; for it is, in fact, too often forgotten when we speak of the mother-child relation or of the parent-child relation that the parents themselves had their own parents; they have their “complexes,” wishes marked by historicity, so that to reconstruct the child’s oedipal complex as a triangular situation, while forgetting that at two vertices of the triangle each adult protagonist is himself the bearer of a small triangle and even of a whole series of interlocking triangles, is to neglect an essential aspect of the situation.

Jean Laplanche

To recall the principal arguments: Far from the vital order resulting in sexuality through its efflorescence, it is through its insufficiency that it provokes the intrusion of the adult universe. The satisfaction of the erotogenic zone is associated, in the first instance, with the satisfaction of the need for nourishment.

But instead of organizing it, it is organized by the latter. We do not know whether the somatic process in question is of a strictly chemical nature, or whether it corresponds as well to a release of other e.

Thus a natural, functional rhythm that of rutting disappears, while elsewhere there emerges a different kind of sequence, which is pstchoanalysis without calling into play such categories as repression, reminiscence, work of elaboration, “deferred action. Laplanche shows how many of Freud’s terms go both ways. Which brings us to a third remark. Dimitri rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Freud’s discourse is presented as caught between a view of the human as merely another biological being and the human as a being that in some sense transcends the biological.


And then, one would distinguish from this rather banal and “nontechnical” sense a properly psychoanalytic meaning in which the ego, this time, is taken as a part of the totality and no longer as the totality itself, as an “agency,” and, for that reason, as one of the protagonists in the conflict splitting the individual.

And psychoanalysls should be admitted that the existence of such a conflict, between sexual drives and the drives of “self-preservation,” was constantly affirmed by Freud throughout a whole section of his writings during a certain period: Rose, Femininity London p.

This stimulation is initially modeled on the function, so that between the two, it is at first barely possible to distinguish a difference. The whole of sexuality, or at least the whole of infantile sexuality, ends up by becoming perversion. In —47, he visited Harvard University for a year.

Life and Death in Psychoanalysis by Jean Laplanche | Mansoor Ahmed Khan –

Now, in the case of repression, we encounter a primary process which governs not so much the wish as the defensive mechanism. Henceforth, the object is abandoned, the aim and the source also take on autonomy in relation to the activity of feeding and the digestive system.

Retrieved 7 May That is hardly intelligible without an explanation; you yourself found what I told you credible. I like your treatment of “terminological” but I wonder why you don’t connect it to methodological since the latter comes up at the end of your post.

We shall quote here a passage which is striking in its modernity, above all if it is related to recent studies of the diffusion of psychoanalytic concepts in contemporary society. Life and Death is Laplanche’s own itinerary through that reference work, an effort to articulate precisely the most important lessons that may be learned from such an inquiry into Freud’s terminology. Our study of thumb-sucking or sensual sucking [taken as a model of oral sexuality] has already given us the three essential characteristics of an infantile sexual manifestation.


French Psychoanalyst and student of Lacan attempts to reconcile a number of crucial contradictions in Freud’s oeuvre in this complex and important text. Richard Jones rated it it was amazing Feb 12, After returning to France, Laplanche began attending lectures and undergoing psychoanalytic treatment under Jacques Lacan.

Life and Death in Psychoanalysis

The Psychhoanalysis and Narcissism 66 5. Every new perception which irritates the unconscious me- mory of the traumatizing event, and every new trauma which may echo it, results in the emergence into consciousness not of the scene itself but of the symbol of the scene, and of the symbol alone.

This is to say that in opposition to a manifest or official history which Freud himself was occasionally intent on writingsuch an enterprise would appeal to a latent and partially unconscious history, subtended by repetitive themes. Jivitesh Vashisht rated it it was amazing Nov 13, The notion is commonly defined as a deviation from instinct, which presupposes a specific path and aim and implies the choice of a divergent path in biology, and currently in the “human sciences,” reference is often made to “deviants”.

Can we be sure whether it is still the milk or already the breast? But here it is not a perception but a memory-trace which unexpect- edly releases unpleasure, and the ego kaplanche this too late. For the death drive does not possess its own energy.

Jussara rated it liked it Jan 05,