Jivanmukta Gita by Sri Dattatreya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Section One THE JIVANMUKTA GITA. Jivanmukta Gita, What Is Jivanmukti? Jivanmukti Is Not an Illusion, Who Is a Jivanmukta? Jivanmukta Gita: The Liberated in Life [Sri Dattatreya, S.J.C. Wadiyar] on Amazon .com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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That is the established truth. He is called a Jivanmukta who is free from Raga-Dvesha, likes and dislikes and who is endowed with dispassion, discrimination and cosmic love.

Dattatreya asserts in the text, that the self-realized person is “by nature, the formless, all pervasive Self”. Dattztreya self is the preceptor. He is called a Jivanmukta who ever identifies with the all-pervading universal Brahman, and who is above praise, censure, honour and dishonour, respect and disrespect.

Jivanmukta Gita : The Liberated in Life

When you enjoy the tranquillity of the mind, born of that Supreme Wisdom, you have crossed the formidable ocean of Samsara, not to return to this world of pain and sorrow. Being steady in his own Sadhana at the prescribed hours Sivananda attends to all the minutest items of the Ashram routine. Shuns not the sinner, loathes not the vicious, Worships not dattarreya wealth and condemns not the criminal.

On account of the destruction of Avarana Shakti, a Jnani is freed from birth and death. Everybody will surely like this state dattatrdya beatitude or final emancipation.

Jivanmukta Gita quotes, videos, photos

jibanmukta He who realises this is said to be liberated in life. Abandoning all desires, moves about without longing, Without the sense of I-ness and mine-ness and without egoism.


By closely watching and taking care of the students Trains them in a variety of ways to see the Lord in all By wholehearted service with disinterested motive. Even in India it is only a few years ago that people visiting the famous ice linga at Amritnath were only permitted to enter the cave completely naked.

Avadhut Gita – Mahatma Dattatreya Documents. They are as deceptive as the objects of sense enjoyments; only they are on a different plane. They have queer ideas datattreya a Jivanmukta. That wise whose mind has transcended the properties of the root matter is absorbed in joy within himself.

His method of work and way of living clearly state his Greatness. He is called a Jivanmukta who is free from distinctions, differences, and who is above caste, creed, colour and race. He is called a Jivanmukta who practises the highest Yoga, who has internally renounced everything, but appears inert outside, and who has abandoned everything internal and external.

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The person who knows this truth is said to be liberated in life. Published on Oct View Download When he passed urine on a mountain the mountain was turned into gold. Serves all, by sacrificing his all at the service of the pious and the wicked.

It is not a state to be like a statue or a stone of any famous temple. The person who sees only this truth in life is said to be the liberated though alive.

He becomes the Brahman. By means of internal introspection that which the wise see as their mind. Lucidity of his expressions, sweetness of tone; Boldness of spirit and affection in his voice; Magnanimity of his service, and simplicity of appearance Rightly bring popularity from the entire world. They then see the reality as ‘He am I’. When you go beyond Raga and Dvesha, when you are unmoved by heavy sorrow, and not elated by great pleasure, then you are rooted in the self.


I am completely ignorant of the time of his birth, Now it is, not wise to aim at his stars. Shri Guru Gita- Hindi1 Documents. He knows this thuth is said to be liberated in life. Whether your body lives for ten years or ten thousand years, it is only made up of the five elements, and is ultimately bound to perish.

Having known this truth the person who bears no hatred to any creature is said to be liberated in life.

He is called a Jivanmukta who is above sex idea and sex distinction and who has no thought of tomorrow. To draw from the statements on the living liberated Man embedded in the Brahma Sutras, the Upanishads, the Gita, the Yoga Vasistha and the Jivanmukta-viveka of Sri Vidyaranya, is no doubt a performance quite easy of accomplishment, but that would mean a pitiful missing by formality and pre-possessive ideas, the most subtle and ethereal significances, suggestions and workings continuously proceeding from the richly illuminated, outer, dynamic, many-sided life-character of his inner liberated Yogic Consciousness.

He is called a Jivanmukta who, seeing that the Jiva which is identical with Siva exists eternally, is not inimical. This mind with the meditation ‘He am I’ is the all pervading Shiva.