This year marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of Ask the Dust, by John Fante. Today it’s widely regarded as a classic of American. The story of the hard-living L.A. writer as we know it was born in the early s with John Fante. The novelist, best known for his novel. Rob Sternberg on the pleasures of rereading John Fante.

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John Fante’s “Ask the Dust”: A Review

None of it matters though. I say book, instead of novel because I’m not sure it is a novel. A Sheltering Sky now appears in collections of top novels of the twentieth century. El autor nos cuenta la historia de este personaje quien persevera y sufre hambre y otras limitaciones en su lucha por salir adelante como escritor.

Si professa ateo, ma prega. Los Angeles come to me rhe way I came to you, my feet over your streets, you pretty town I loved you so much, you sad flower in the sand, you pretty town.

Books such as Ask the Dust seem to fall into the “hey, listen-to-me-becoming-a-great-writer” category.

Martin recognised the novel as a classic and Fante as a major writer, and soon republished it from his Black Sparrow Press where, over the next three-plus decades it would slowly gather a large, adoring audience, while reaping seemingly endless critical praise. Later, I felt sad she was gone forever. See all 3 questions about Ask the Dust…. Hellfrick, an always-broke neighbor with an insatiable appetite for meat; Vera Rivken, the pitiful married woman whom Bandini follows to Long Beach Pike, and who may or may not have survived the earthquake; and Camilla Lopez, the unattainable Mexican waitress at the Columbia Buffet on Spring Street.

In fact, its journey to its current status has been long and highly unusual.

Rereading John Fante’s “Ask the Dust” – Los Angeles Review of Books

I needed to own Ask the Dust. Among other things Ask the Dust deals with the struggle of different races to fit into America and our common human struggle to find meaning within short and apparently meaninglessness lives. Before Bandini arrives, Sam has thrown Camilla out and she wanders into the desert.

I can also see why Charles Bukowski liked Fante so much We can discern his talent in his lyrical descriptions of downtown Los Angeles and his vivid portraits of the outcasts who populate the Alta Loma and all the dingy establishments — cheap restaurants, saloons, dive bars, and Filipino dance halls — that he visits during his wanderings.


Someone was knocking on the window of that house obscured by heavy vines. Published February 7th by Ecco first published E allora ve lo dico. Living off the zest of oranges, he unconsciously creates a picture of Los Angeles as a modern dystopia during the Great Depression era.

I wanted to hold his hand blind leading the blindfolded. I hate him as he licks his wounded on her. His first novel, Wait Until Spring, was well received; his short stories were appearing in prominent publications such as the American Mercury, and he had a long-distance mentor in HL Mencken, at that time one of America’s most influential men of letters.

He looked rich, and then a woman got out, and she was beautiful, her fur was silver fox, and she was a song across the sidewalk and inside the swinging doors, and I thought oh boy for a little of that, just a day and night of that, and she was a dream as I walked along, her perfume still in the wet morning air.

I think its the third time I’ve read this over the past decade, but the first time as a writer myself, and Bandini’s anguish and longing to be read and to be loved and whatever pathetic impulses and personality defects that compel a person to Make Things of Spiritual Value only serve to underscore and expose the frightening longing we all have to exist.

I started off tearing into this book with the momentum I tore through Bukowski, which isn’t to say that I love Bukowski, I don’t, but I tore through his works. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

It was funny when he’s sunk to his knees in lowest moment fanfe to God for blessing of stolen milk. Chapter 4 of Ask the Dust refers to a character named Benny Cohen, who “had a wooden leg with a little door in it. I chalk it up to the historical period. This is a book about a boy’s angst first and a city second, with characters further down ak list.

I wouldn’t change a thing since the book about him didn’t just read like some book about something This was her home, her ruin, her scattered dream. I just wish the excellent Ask the Dust hadn’t faltered near the finish line. El humor y el dolor se entremezclaban con soberbia sencillez. Here, take two and three with love. I remember when I was fourteen, reading Catcher in the Rye.


Inhe dropped out of college and moved to Southern California to concentrate on his writing.

Pur essendo un libro terribile, mi ha fatto sentire terribilmente bene. I was passing the doorman of the Biltmore, and I hated him at once, with his yellow braids and six fxnte of height and all that dignity, and now a black automobile drove to the curb, and a man got out.

Charles Bukowski Introduction to the John Fante Novel Ask the Dust

But, uh, thank you, whoever you are. I picked this up for a buck last week. Fante’s early years were spent in relative poverty. An apartment on Temple Street, an apartment in Los Angeles. Maybe the idea of the struggling writer trying to make a name for himself in Los Angeles appealed to the sympathies qsk the difficult times in which these books were written.

His story is as bare as a cupboard, but Fante’s language and the atmosphere he conjures are breathtaking. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. John Fante was Bukowski’s iohn, and “either you adore him or you’ve never heard of him. Mirroring these themes and driving much of the novel’s action is Bandini’s wildly destructive relationship with Camilla Lopez, an unstable young Mexican waitress, whose beauty represents much of what Arturo craves, but whose ethnicity in the context of s America forces him to confront his own ancestry and the pain that drives so much of his life.

Bandini falls in love with Lopez, who is herself in love with co-worker Sam. Open Preview See a Problem? Maybe such a Godsend is out of my sights.

I guess he loved her in between I started reading this book knowing little more about it than that it was one of Bukowski’s favourites. I sat before it, overwhelmed with grief for Arturo Bandini.