Juche Ideology. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is guided in its activities by the Juche idea authored by President Kim Il Sung. The Juche idea. Juche Ideology was developed by Hwang Jang-yeop, the leading theorist of North Korea who. The Juche ideology emphasizes North Korea’s political, economic, and military self-reliance. It became the state ideology and sole guiding.

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Roots in Japanese state Shinto?

In practice, this solution is not social welfare but a repressive totalitarian state that puts the interests of the wealthy elites first and redivides the population along a national, rather than class basis.

The KPA can be seen as consisting of two parts: One thing that you might notice when looking through the annals of 20th century revolutionary communist theory is that there are a great many schools of thought named after former authoritarian leaders, for example, StalinismCastroism, and Maoism. Retrieved from ” https: What makes them interesting is the nuances and subtleties that come from how the culture and history interact with that particular thought.

The personality cult has transformed North Korea into adictatorial state ruled by a divine right of one person, andoveremphasis on self-reliance has made North Korean society growto be a closed one. The guiding principle of Juche Ideology, which emphasizesideological and political reindoctrination of the people beforeothers, must be ideolpgy for making North Korean people lifeless, which finally brought about economicdevastation.

What Is The Juche Ideology Of North Korea?

National-Solidarism refers to several different ideologies. He no longer has any interest in applying Marxism—Leninism to the North Korean situation; indeed it is no longer useful for the country”.

They are not generally accepted by the far-left and are a minority position on the far-right, meaning they remain a syncretic nationalist socialist position that few outside the bounds of the ideology tolerate or cooperate with.


The real expenditures are probably much higher. The nuche recognize it as a tool for self, political and economic independence, building a belief in the great leader that translates into a personality cult. The consolidation of blood iseology between the leader, the Party and the masses is guaranteed by the single ideology and united leadership.

Roundtable Summary: North Korea and the Juche Ideology

This led to both the USSR and China lavishing favorable trade terms and aid on North Korea, each trying to woo it into their own camp, and at the same time the amusing placement of signs in northern border towns by the North Korean government warning citizens ideoolgy be on the lookout for Chinese and Soviet spies.

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The idea of Juchewhich constitutes the quintessence of Kimilsungism, is an idea newly discovered in the history of mankind”. Inhe delivered speeches on Juche Ideology in Japan. The distinct characteristic of Juche ideology is its religious or pseudo-religious character, which is based upon the deification and mystification of the late Kim Il-sung.

You forgot to ask about Syndicalism, National-Bolshevism, and Strasserism too North Korea was admitted to the Non-Aligned Movement in and began to present itself as a leader of ideolgy Third World.

It was simply a type of contemporary Marxism-Leninism, juchs, the younger Kim stated that it needed recognition thus elevating it to the level of Stalin. In this form it is capitalist, not socialist, but makes a particular enemy out of Jews and the financial-capital class with which they were associated, as well as with socialists and especially Marxists.

Juche – Wikipedia

External links Twitter Facebook Discord. All components of the festival, from the selection of performers, mobilization of resources, recruitment of the audience and publicity for the show have been compared to facets of a national religious event. Notably, in the period after the Korean WarNorth Korea relied on economic assistance and loans from “fraternal” countries fromand also depended considerably on Soviet industrial aid from At that time, thede-Stalinization movements were raging in the Soviet Union afterthe death of Stalin, who had helped Kim Il-sung seize power, andalso criticism against Kim Il-sung was growing within North Koreafor the failure in the Korean War.

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Considering Western ideals of individualism, the West has a poor understanding of the unity of mind that Juche seeks to inspire in North Koreans and which, to a very significant measure, it succeeds in accomplishing. Archived from the original on 2 February The nation is conceived of as subordinate to a dictator who represents the people of master-race.

National survival has been seen as a guiding principle of North Korea’s diplomatic strategy. Wikipedia defines Juche as such: Anixx 6, 2 19 Provisional People’s Committee for North Korea. Its religious or pseudo-religious characteristics distinguish Juche ideology from all other forms of Marxism, including Marx-Leninism of the former Soviet UnionEuropean Neo-Marxism, Maoism, and even Stalinism. One pertinent example is the Arirang Festivalwhich is a gymnastics and artistic festival held in the Rungnado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang.

Retrieved 16 October — via DailyNK. To facilitate his eventual accession to power and to establish a superior means of social control, Kim Jong, Il together with his university philosophy professor, Hwang Jang Op, re-fashioned Juche. Every paragraph of the preface of the constitution begins with phrases of admiration for Kim, and builds the worship of Kim into the legal system.

Definitely not like North Korea. For a description of juche, that is a great place to start.