Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre along with Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and Mohan Rakesh. His Kamala is a gyno-. Abstract: Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre. He reminds us other playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and . This research study is based on the play “Kamala” written by Vijay Tendulkar as he was also a journalist. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils.

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She asks as when her father asserts that he has earned with his own initiative. Tendular the help of his friends journalists like Jain and Jaspalji, Jaisingh now wants a press conference as soon as possible to exploit the situation The motives behind to present Kamala before the journalists in the press conference are evil.

But, she is feared and loathed as a whore. Curiosity of Kamala and the reality of woman: I reckon that in four or five years I’ll have built a bungalow. He is not stopping at these, says further when Sarita calms him down. Yet they are considered a debit tejdulkar the family.

He tells lie when Jain asks about his travel but Jaisingh vijsy which one? He presented the woman at a press conference. There was no intent of sincerity in the rescue of Kamala. He grew up watching western plays, and felt inspired to write plays himself.

Never mind what you write”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When Sarita asserts that she is not well, sahib annoyed and said, I want to see her and to talk to her. All tendullar pride dashes to ground as the political personages put pressure on the Govt.


I gave your aunt a lot of trouble. You stay in five-star hotels. There’s a way of doing these things. He has no concern with iamala society to make it correct but he wants popularity willingly and unwillingly. She has come face to viajy with her domestic slavery. She swallowed half of the press conference as the journalists went mad at this time to get something to shine their business.

In comic manner, he asserts; Kakasaheb: It is reflected in the concept of chastity, a patriarchal value. At this point, Vijay Tendulkar unveils the face of politicians who are supporters of these criminals and injustice is kqmala here as the parliament makes law and breaks them.

This male dominated society with well educated person and so-called advocates of the liberation of women is there very clear from the character of Jaisingh Jadhev. Tamasha was a traditional way of amusing people in the olden times especially at crushing or harvesting seasons.

In such like situations, some journalists exploit the situation and earn name and fame advantaging the weaknesses of others. Prajakta rated it really liked it Dec 17, The world of journalism also wants oven like atmosphere in the country to kamxla their efficiency.

As Tendulkar puts it himself: In fact Kamala has constructed dreamland where she may help her master in any way. Sack me, well he? And that none can affect any meaningful social or political change in India through English dailies, as they reach only a very small section of Indian population. It means that this epidemic has permeated everywhere in the country. She is speaking with confidence vijag such like male dominated house.


Sharvin rated it it was amazing Jun 04, ny The Best Books of I shall strip him naked. I tell you, kakasaheb.

Xavier Pradheep Singh Through this play, Vijay Tendulkar wants that media must play its role to correct the society rather than running after political leaders and actors etc. The male pursues it, the female submits to it. Perhaps the author wanted to portray slavery of the mind, which even in the wake of reason cannot come out of its shackles.

कमला [Kamala]

It inspires the innocent people on civil obedience movement. Kamala is a satire on the trendy journalism shown in it. Vijay exposes here the true nature of Jaisingh who has bought a woman from flesh market to earn name and fame by exploiting the innocence of Kamala presenting her before media for promotion.

The arrival of Kamala is very storming in the play that changes the scenario from upside down. He is so-called social activist whose motives move around his benefits only. When Kamala said to Jaisingh that you must tell them that she is ill due to long journey, he embarrasses and shows the attitude of a typical master who has slaves.

People come from long distances to make their bid.