The Kularnava Tantra is held in high esteem by Kaula tantriks. This tantra does exist in English translation (Prachya Prakashan, ) but this chapter is my. The “Kularnava Tantra” is a major text in the Kula tradition of Shaktism and Tantric Shaivism. The term comes from the Sanskrit, kula, meaning “family” or “ clan”;. Kularnava Tantra – Taranath Vidyaratna, Arthur Avalon कुलार्णव तन्त्र – तारानाथ Kulachudamani Tantra – Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. Uploaded .

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But only he lives meaningfully whose mind is settled in the Law of the Kula. What is the use of Vedas, Agamas and Puranas if one knows not the supreme object of life – v 89? The Sruti declares that for those who seek for fulfilment and liberation, who aspire to attain to Brahma, Vishnu and Isha, devotion to the Guru is the Path and no other.

If by mere drinking of wine one were to attain fulfilment, all drunkards would reach perfection. In issuing these warnings, the adepts of kularava Tantra would seem to have anticipated the modern turn of mixing up sex with spirituality.

The 6rst, the divine order, consists of Adinatha and His Shakti, Sadasiva and his consort, Ishwara and his consort, Rudra and his consort, Vishnu and his beloved, Brahma and his wife – in kularnafa twelve. The mantra called Shri Paraprasada is the chief mantra situated in the Urdvhamnaya.

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation) by Ram Kumar Rai | LibraryThing

If after worshipping Thee, O Devi, the devotees are not worshipped, the sinners who do so do not qualify for Thy Grace. Never sit on the same seat as the Guru with his colleagues. The mysteries of the Agamas, which are not all openly declared in the Sastras, are known to him. And when the worshipper enters into the Ritual, he must realise and come into a state of consciousness that feels divine.

Intensely devoted to the Guru, do not commission others for his work if you yourself can do it even though you may have any number of attendants. The tantra also teaches the doctrine of duties, incorporating the laws ofManu, the Bhagavadgita, and sermons of the Buddha. Forgetting that the Divine Truth is within themselves,! As here so there. Like the water within the shell of a coconut, protect the dharma of the Kula Scrip- tures like the Veda and the Sastras are like common women open to the public gaze; but not so the Sambhavi Vidya – the Science of the Kaula – which is like the bride of a high family.


Vvcite authorities from Shruti Rigveda in support of the doctrine taught. The mode of the yogins is not seen like the move- ment of the birds in the skies or of aquatics in the water. But rare are the merito- rious who come by it. Elder in the sacri- fices, elder in order, elder in Kula, the eldest of the Guru’s sons, these are the four elders.

There is no doubt of it. Study, remembrance, knowledge, donations and sacri- fices and worship are truly done by him who ever remembers on the tip of his tongue the Mantra of this paduka.

More of your questions answered by our Experts. If mere partaking of flesh were to lead to the high estate, all flesh-eaters in the world would come by immense merit. Are they therefore Yogins? Only when things are done according to the requirements laid down that Japa, Homa, Puja etc. Beware of these pseudo-gurus. From his transcendent station, the Lord in the form of the Guru frees one from the bonds of the pasu.

This is the true sign of Dhyana: Otherwise all the good that is done turns into evil. The work has been already twice printed and therefore would not in the ordinary course have found place in these texts according to the original design of the pu bli- cation. From the Muladhara at the base go up again and again to the Brahmarandhra at the crown; bliss issues out of this meet of the Kundali Shakti and the Moon of Pure-Consciousness.

He is the real Kula-yogi who in the midst of these five elements of worship, is constantly concentrated on the Feet of the Guru, always free from mental lapses.

Freely partaking of them all, yet fully and ever conscious of the identity of himself with the Supreme, he lives contented in that awareness. For privacy concerns, please view our Privacy Policy. To drink more is to drink animally.

Look for him, the Guru who knows all, fount tanra compassion, endowed with all auspicious signs who knows superbly the Truth of the Urdhva- amnaya, then from him receive the Knowledge. The fruit that is obtained by the worship of the Kaula is not to be had by pilgrimages, tapas, gifts or observances. But here in the path of the Kaula, both yoga and bhoga, union with the Divine and participation in His manifestation, have a happy meet.

The field of selection will thus be widened with, it is hoped, better results. Having however regard to the fact that it is hoped to publish a translation of the entire text I have not thought it necessary to give such a detailed analysis of the Tantra as in the absence of such a translation it would have deserved.


Who knows well the vedha, enlish, the object, the opposition, holding and releasing – he is the Guru.

Each chapter is called an ullasa or bliss, this referring to the nectar of the Kaulas. Just as though milk is formed from the constituents all over the body of the cow, it flows out only through the teats of its udder, similarly the Divine who is all pervading shines specially resplendent in Images and the like. One whose being is overcome by intoxica- tion is aware of nothing; for him there is no meditation, no tapas, no worship, no dharma, no activity of merit, no good, no Guru, no thought of his self; he cannot be a votary of this path; addicted only to sense-enjoyment he, verily, falls.

The Pashu should there- fore avoid this method v As the boon-giving Guru gives the mantra in contentment and beatitude, try to please him with devotion, wealth, your very life.

In various births, the Urdvhamnaya is the fruit giver of supreme merit and not anything else, O Lady praised by Viras!

Kularnava Tantra (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)

Even if you give the whole of your wealth to the Guru but without devotionthen the fruit will not accrue to you. The Kularnava Tantra A Study. It comprehends the multiple personality of man and provides for the healthy growth of Iris mental faculties, purification of his emotions and passions, orientation of his physical faculties through ritual, japa, mantra and upasana.

And even beings higher than man envy his birthf because it is only human life on this earth, which is a field of evolution, that holds the possibility of change, progress and release. I have been very pleased with all the items. If there be transgression of rule there is no fruit. The complete text is given in Devanagari for those who wish to study the book in the original Sanskrit. Special rituals are prescribed for special occa- sions like the days of religious festivals, birth- days of one’s own, of the Guru, the Parama Guru etc.

He shall seat himself in the prescribed manner and abstain from loose unconnected talk.