LOGICOMIX – Graphic Novel. Logicomix Print | Buy it Online | Share : designed & developed by: INTELWEB | hosted by Elegrad. Move; Close. This exceptional graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. In his agonized search for absolute truth, Russell crosses. Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth. Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitriou with art by Alecos Papadatos and Annie di Donna.

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Oct 25, Riku Sayuj rated it really liked it Shelves: Recently, on a flight from St.

We see the detritus of a history of logicians ffor minds broke against the fortressed walls of infinity and paradox. Doxiadis and Papadimitriou have put together a compelling tale of a man often overlooked by the general public, and they did so in a medium that’s close to my heart – the graphic novel.

As such when it comes to their field of study which it often does! By becoming a logician, he thought he might finally be able to pin down some absolute truths logico,ix not only abstract math but human nature itself.

View all 35 comments. LogiComix explores the subjects of logics, mathematics, science, philosophy, politics, and human affairs.

Why is this true? Yes, I’m still in Teacher-mode, but that’s not important right now. After his studies, Apostolos returned to Greece and his adolescent loves of writing, cinema and the theater. Read the review on the eSkeptic site here. Feb 03, David rated it really liked it Shelves: But to see the form stretched around a subject about which I had been very serious was astonishing lovicomix me.

The authors use their artistic license liberally to convey the biography of logicoomix Russell, by keeping the story line very captivating.

If you’re looking to know how logic works, or you want to know a bit more about higher mathematics and how to do them, then you’d best look for another book. As the authors tell us right in the beginning, this book is a story, a great tragedy that owes its inspiration to the ancient productions of the Greeks.

Jim Holt reviewed the book for the New York Times and says the story “is presented with real graphic verve. It is littered with the lofty ideas of the many giants of mathematics and philosophy throughout, but is never daunting in its subject matter or too overreaching in its objectives.


Of course, he failed. How cool was that? May 11, Negar rated it really liked it Recommended to Negar by: The occasional vitriolic response post on this review has me revisiting it from time to time, and each time it makes me a little more uncomfortable. Shows how much you know As explained in the back of the book, this is not, strictly speaking, a biography.

We see his hopes laid bare as he looks to logic for a foundation for mathematics—and so a foundation for belief in an ordered universe. Papadimitriou, with art by Alecos Papadatos and Annie di Donna.

Logicomix: An epic search for truth: Apostolos Doxiadis: Bloomsbury USA

Is my losing my way of the story indicative of how complex these lgoicomix really are, that there is ‘no escape’? Fittingly enough, the story concludes with the legendary closing scene of Oresteia, eplc perhaps makes the whole experience more profound than it really deserved to be, but then that is the fun of great ideas – you never know when they are only pretending!

Essentially Godel proves the futility of a developing a formal system of logic rich enough to represent arithmetic by showing how one can formulate a paradox for any such system. I hope she enjoys it at least, I recall she never finished it.

Fortunately for him, Russell pulled back from the abyss before it could swallow him whole, and became one of the early 20th century’s greatest philosophers in the process. It is really the most beautiful proof I have ever seen, and to this day I remember that moment in Math when we reached the end of this proof.

Apostolos lives in Athens with his wife, the novelist Dorina Papaliou, and their children. Mathematics, he eoic, would be the answer to logicomux. If you have a page graphic novel in which you forgot the ninjas but remembered the math, and put in MORE math besides, and then made your book’s selling point the fact that there’s a ton of math in it, and you suddenly have a critically acclaimed best-seller on your hands — — Well, right there you’ve got a situation in which a hell of a lot of people missed the whole goddamn point.

Logicomix Cover to the English-language edition from Bloomsbury. I originally set out to say this book is a boring, pretentious piece of shit that use the comics medium rather cynically in order to market itself, without really demonstrating much understanding of what makes the comic medium really interesting and useful for storytelling.


It is a novel, largely based on facts. Elisha rejects Judaism in favor of Greek logic, only to regret it in the end. View all 11 comments. It features interesting interactions between the authors and illustrators of the book, intermixed with the biography of the book’s protagonist, Bertrand Russell.

This book, I think, is a good example of how self-references ruin something that is otherwise really awesome.

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth

This exceptional graphic novel recounts the spiritual odyssey of philosopher Bertrand Russell. I was very often right. I wish I had known about it while I was reading the story. I did enjoy the inter-textuality at the end with the play they were going to see, but again, they ruined it by talking about how much their story is like the play, leaving no room for the reader to understand that for themselves.

Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth (with a Connection in Frankfurt) | Apostolos Doxiadis

I think that this undercurrent is part of what makes the review somewhat loathsome, and why it still gets so much hate six years after I wrote it. This was my first read of a book which covers a topic of my interest in a comic format, and it has done the job superbly!

The moral aspects of laws? And those writings I have spent time with have been rather facile, wholly practical works—neither of which included any expression of maths at all. The world may be a logical place, but we are not. The book is subtitled An Epic Search for Truth and, while the howling of Madness still sits spectre behind Russell’s quest for a foundation in Logic, at the least Logicomix delivers a worthwhile yarn pretty near on a level with Marduk’s duke-out with Tiamat.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Usually, when this story comes up at all, it seems to be told by way of a prelude to the birth of computing in, for instance, Neal Stephenson’s Cryptonomiconwhich rushes past Russell to get to Turingso it was nice here to see it placed front and centre.

As we intrude upon his thoughts, he invites us to meet Berkeley computer scientist Christos Papadimitriouwhom Apostolos must recruit to help him with the book.