Lysistrata. Front Cover · Aristophanes. Hackett Publishing, – Literary Criticism – Poet and classicist Sarah Ruden received her Ph.D. in Classics from. Read the full-text online edition of Lysistrata (). Lysistrata. By Aristophanes, Sarah Ruden. No cover image. Lysistrata. By Aristophanes, Sarah Ruden. By Sarah Ruden The University of Cape Town Several weeks ago, I began a translation, or rather an adaption, of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata for the South African .

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To the detour through. In many ways it’s quite like Roche’s translation and keeps the names of the characters similar and their motives the same. Precious, what is eating you?

And if they mount, the Knights they’ll rob of a job, for everyone knows how talented they all are in the saddle, having long practiced how to straddle What is there in that a surprise to you? Mind you, rudenn like the Athenians not pressing her advantage when she was on top, Sparta did not press the advantage here either.

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

This rollicking new translation of Aristophanes’ comic masterpiece is rendered in blank verse for dialogue and in lyric meters and free verse for the songs. Sep 13, Pink rated it really liked it. I loved this, I do enjoy the occasional dick joke.

It also means it most likely the crudest one that exists at this point, but that’s what also makes it better; for the original play written in Ancient Greek was very crude and did not shy away from sexual matters and foul language.

Meanwhile, in support of the younger women, the older women seize the Acropolis and the treasury held rudem. This play is lighthearted and funny, lysietrata it deals with several important subjects.


I have no knowledge of Greek, and the last time I studied Latin was as a high school sophomore thirty five years ago. I imagine it will never feel dated, long live Aristophanes! Let each catch hands with his wife and lysistrsta his joy, Dance out his thanks, be grateful in music, And promise reformation with his heels.

Book Review: Lysistrata by Aristophanes Translated by Sarah Ruden

Nevertheless all is not lost and the inbred humor prances around like a spring rabbit. What do you propose to do then, pray? As above, I will use Henderson’s translation to give the best idea of what the Greek literally says.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Get to Know Us. Given the thematic importance of gendered spheres of influence in this play, I found this omission striking. She is usually quite separate from the other women: It seems so obvious to us today at sarwh in my part of the worldbut Aristophanes was pretty cool to put that out there in BC.

In another sense there is also a reference to how the workers work hard to produce the money for the city and the politicians then go and waste it. Although the women are determined to end sarwh fighting within the wider Greek community, they quite clearly support military efforts against foreigners such as the Persians. The third essay, “Athenian Women” opens with a grandiose claim: If I keep faith then bounteous cups be mine. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Houseman’s hilarious parody of Greek tragedy, and these final words: Parker’s translation, on the other hand, sacrifices literalness to the exuberant wordplay of Aristophanes. This confession of xarah is certainly true. It had been quite awhile since I contemplated over any books let alone penning a critical appraisal on Goodreads. Sex or lack there of drives the plot and innuendos abound: Either Aristophanes was a man ahead of his time, or women in Ancient Greece were not the way I had previously learned they were.


Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Spartans, sort out your wives: Also I notice some observations about the government in times of Aristophanes. Whereas Parker tends to be expansive, Ruden has a tendency to condense. And mine I want to fertilize at once.

Book Review: Lysistrata by Aristophanes Translated by Sarah Ruden – The Cascade

Hypocrisy was learned by the four and agreed on between them as the a priori rule to apply to their lives and those they will subjugate. In these ways, material need clashed with fixed ideas about what women were good for, and the illogical hatred of women resulting may have endured partly because it was itself adaptive for poverty.

In my opinion, Lysistrtaa is comedy while hilarious and just plain weird at times, it’s also preaching the fact that women in Greece are mistreated, with rudwn play itself using irony and clever word play to preach to it’s audience. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The vivacity of the cover is matched by the playfulness of this translation.


Again, it is my opinion, but I do stand by these opinions strongly. What a fascinating play. There were several highly intelligent monkeys swinging through the trees.

Leave this field empty. I see no justification for this addition. Even with hundreds of hours of discussion, everything remained stirred and stinky, until one day Ug came upon a sea.