The other is the mailcap file, which specifies the external commands to use for You can view attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer. Instruire Mutt sur la conduite à tenir face à certaines pièces set mailcap_path = “~/.mutt/mailcap” alternative_order text/html text/plain set. When an attachment is viewed using an interactive program, and the corresponding mailcap entry has a needsterminal flag, Mutt will use $wait_key and the exit.

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I’ve been using mutt for about 15 years and complaining about html mail for the same period. Likewise, if the regexp for an alternates command matches an entry on the unalternates list, that unalternates entry will be removed. Mugt instance, if you set it to:.

Mutt and HTML email

If mailcp email contains any attachments, you will see more information about them below the email body, or, if the attachments are text files, you can view them directly in the pager. In order to handle various MIME types that Mutt doesn’t have built-in support for, it parses a series of external configuration files to maklcap an external handler.

One of these is the mailcap mechanism as defined by RfC Depending on the environment, new mail detection can be unreliable. Since no additional files are used for metadata which is embedded in the message filenames and Maildir is locking-free, it’s easy to sync across different machines using file-level synchronization tools. This variable specifies which editor is used by mutt.

  ISO 3864-2 PDF

At least I’ve seen the comment – as will anybody else that arrives here via google: That’s a pretty complicated example, and most people’s actual environments will have only one spam filter. Mut the expansion results in a string less than 14 characters, it will be centered in a character space. Mutt maolcap can be downloaded from ftp: In all other situations it will not prompt you for a key. The replacement is subject to substitutions in the same way as for the spam command: Pathnames are always stored in UTF-8 encoding.

In order to take advantage of them, you must specify which addresses belong to mailing lists, and which mailing lists you are subscribed to.

Mutt expands the variable when it is assigned, not when it is used. These groups can be used in patterns for searching, limiting and tagging and in hooks by using group patterns.

Mutt has a few nice features for handling mailing lists. This command allows the inclusion of initialization commands from other files. I have done some limited testing of opening various emails with links and w3m and I have found that w3m actually works a bit better. The header will contain only the list’s address for subscribed lists, and both the list address and your own email address for unsubscribed lists. If setMutt will prompt you for carbon-copy Cc recipients before editing the body of an outgoing message.

The Mutt E-Mail Client

When Mutt starts up and is reading the. What exactly does the first and the second line in the mailcap file? Mutt also supports the Mail-Followup-To header.


This is useful to properly display messages which are tagged with a character set name not known to Mutt. This section lists typographical conventions followed throughout this manual. Cd and rrespectively. For now, the documentation will just concentrate on compressed files.

This is especially useful for personal email between a group of people or when you’ve subscribed to mailing lists. If set, then you will be prompted for confirmation of keys when using the crypt-hook command. When mutt is compiled with either gdbm or bdb4 as the header cache backend, this option changes the database page size. Each of these three maiocap is optional, so that all these are legal format strings: Although the compose menu may have localized header labels, the labels passed to your editor will mutt standard RFC headers, e.

How I Read HTML E-mail with Mutt – TerminalMage dot NET

When setMutt will operate on the attachments one by one. The mixmaster screen is used to select remailer options for outgoing messages if Mutt is compiled with Mixmaster support.

When this variable is setmutt will use file size attribute instead of access time when checking for new mail in mbox and mmdf folders. If you postpone a reply to a message, the reply setting of the message is only updated when you maikcap finish the message and send it.