ENVI Tutorial. I. Main Menu Bar. A. File–>Open Image File. 1. Navigate to the file. If there is no header for the file, ENVI will bring up the “Header Info” dialog box. of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompany- Since the DM is designed with a working envi- ronment in mind, full control-room POD 4 encoder. Figure Monitor parameters screen. Data Access: The step-by-step procedures below are for ENVI version (Click here to access step-by-step instructions for Envi 5. Click here.

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Are you trying to use the tool in ENVI 5. Masking out data with the study area. For more details on the band math operation cf.

In other regions the months have to be selected according to the local phenology. Please edit the title of your question to include enough information for future visitors to be able to find this thread when looking for the same problem.

At the next step, we can resize and cut the generated NDVI composites file based on the boundary of our region of studyso first of all we should open the vector file of the region, with File – Open Vector file, then select the vector file format and browse the file.

Are those tools supported at that version of ENVI? Data preparation Step 1: Visualization In order to enhance the colors of the output map, it is recommended to classify the VCI map based on the data range. IN the below espol the distribution of range land is shown. For this purpose from Basic Tools, choose Resize data.


Step 3 was the missing bit.

Sitemap Contact Terms of Use Privacy. Do you know a valid link to download viper? In this case it is for May, from Masking out data with the study area Range land, rain fed and forest are three types of natural vegetation, which were extracted from the available land cover map. Visualization and Analysis Step 7: Tom Dilts 2 8.

installation – Installing Viper tools for ENVI? – Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

So a shapefile which represents the provinces will limit the data. The greater the negative departure, the greater the magnitude of a drought.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Seasonal and international comparisons of drought areas delineated by the Vegetation Condition Index VCI provided a useful tool to analyze temporal and spatial evolution of regional drought as well as to estimate crop production qualitatively.

In this practice it is recommended to compare two months in the time span from So the output includes 14 bands or 14 VCI from to Additionally, two products come with a water mask: Printer-friendly version Log in to post comments. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.


Compute Statistics Step 6b: Select the vector layer to classify the MVC Images based on this vector layer. Tried the installation method given in the user manual and also the method suggested above.

Here we show the procedure for one month.

Step by Step: Drought monitoring using the Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) in ENVI (version 4.8)

The band math screenshots below were done in Envi 5. The data range varies from 0 to 1 0 showing areas without vegetation and 1 showing areas with dense and healthy vegetation. To compute statistics, from Basic Tools, select Compute statistics. What were the precise and detailed steps that you performed when trying to do this? Masking out data with the study area Step 5: In the next window, it is possible to choose types of statistical report. I have no idea whether it actually runs correctly.

In the opening window, it is possible to define the density slice ranges and allocate the desired color for each range. For the comparison of Mean NDVI values from toin Excel software design a graph, the horizontal axis of the graph could be years to