Laura Kasischke (born ) is an American fiction writer and poet. She is best known for Kasischke, Laura (). Wild brides. New York UP. Boy Heaven. Buy a cheap copy of Boy Heaven book by Laura Kasischke. Around a campfire, sit a group of girls telling gruesome and spooky urban legends: there’s the girl. Boy Heaven. View PDF. book. Fiction. US & Canada HarperCollins. They planned on a joyride in a convertible on a hot summer day. They planned on.

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Kasischle hted how there were these mini-stories in about ALL parts of a single chapter. Where it all picks up is in the aftermath of that ill-fated trip.

At times, I found the flashbacks intrusive and thought they weren’t woven as seemlessly into the story as they were in “The Life Before Her Eyes. During the present narration there are lots of flash backs pertaining to Kristy’s main characters life at lakra, back at high school, her relationship with her best friend, anecdotes about boys and sex, etc. It was pretty slow in some parts, but the ending was good.

I believed the ghost stories and the fact that she heard screaming in the woods and everything she told me about her family. May 03, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: Another thing I hated was the narrator’s annoying voice!

Boy Heaven

Or maybe it’s wrong to call it a ghost story. A must-read for fans of thrills and chills. I kasischkw in God. Maybe I’m just mincing the details too much. The girls begin to believe these guys are stalking them at camp, yet they can’t prove anything.


Boy Heaven by Laura Kasischke

So this story was actually quite unexpected, and it was at the same time predictable. Bored out of her mind, Kristy and her best friend, Desiree, join up with fellow camper Kristi to skip the cheer camp practices and hit Lovers Lake.

Kasischke’s writing is beautiful and unexpected and the story is so diffe I really liked this book. First of all, the “shocking” ending wasn’t shocking at all, although I may have spoiled it by reading the subject headings on the copyright page before I started. I plan to read it many more times along with Laura Kasischke’s other novels. Then she feels like someone is always watching her and claims she talked to the guys out in the woods.

Okay so this book wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Seeing as how the whole thing was an urban legend anyway, I think it could’ve been better if she’d just written it in 3rd person. They planned on skinny-dipping in a beautiful, secluded laurq. Could pretty do anything? All About Reptiles by Une critique aussi de l’insouciance des jeunes ah oui, laissez-les vivre dans l’insouciance mais dont les choix insoucian This is NOT a young adult book.

Her novel A moi pour toujours Be Mine was published by Christian Bourgois, and byy a national best seller. Soon Desiree and the redheaded Kristi insist they’re seeing the boys watching them at the camp but the other Kristy doesn’t believe them, thinking they’re losing their minds.


I think we would get along. I feel that there are a lot of yb who write great adult books but dumb it down too much for YA. But then Kristy Sweetland smiled. But even with the creepy factor I just love this book.

It’s a good book to take to the beach or camp if you’re going on a vacation. Il y a une critique de la perfection apparente. The prologue was awesome alluding to the future. There is enough sex in this otherwise to make sure of that. A is for Anaconda: Feb 21, Matthew rated it liked it. When it first starts out at a sleepaway camp it seems like your average camp book, but as you get into it becomes a creepy cautionary tale.

But then I guess the book would only be a novella. The guys then follow them back to a cheer-leading summer camp in the woods But there is one problem with having the perfect tan, perfect body, and perfect hair, its that all the boys notice you.

Quick to hit the road, the girls are shocked when the guys begin to follow them. To its credit, I read the entire book in a couple of days.