The Automotive Industry Action Group’s CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline is a great resource for learning more about what goes into. AIAG CQI LAYERED PROCESS AUDIT GUIDELINE. Check our one-day seminar on CQI 8, it provides attendees with an understanding of Layered Process Audits (LPA).

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Reduce errors, reduce scrap, increase First Time Through, and therefore reduce costs. Each organization may choose to develop specific requirements for Layered Process Proccess, for example, guieline frequency of the audits or the minimum topics to be included in the question sets. Layered Process Audits require that multiple operational levels within a manufacturing facility review the same key operational controls within the reviewer’s span of authority that ensure product quality.

Subscription pricing is determined by: Gemba walks are an essential strategy for getting managers out of their offices to experience shop floor processes up close. Sample items in a Layered Process Audit check-sheet might be these: Reinforce manufacturing process updates typically implemented as a result of a corrective action. Edwards Deming, no one goes to work with the intention of doing a bad auudits.

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. The closer the auditor is to the level of the area being audited, the more frequently that auditor will conduct the Audit. Wentworth’s work in any way. An audit with results that are reviewed by site leadership on a regular basis.


Layered Process Audits serve to verify that critical procedures and processes are followed by the various functions within an organization. Elements that typically should not be part of a Layered Process Audit item list include these: An AIAG publication is intended as a guide to aid the manufacturer, the consumer and the general public.

Layered Process Audits are monitored for completion and issues found. Layered Process Audits reinforce existing processes and requirements and are not intended to develop pilot or draft processes. I don’t mean to denigrate Mr.

Excellence — We provide quality and excellence in all we do and how we do it. Owned by the operational group where the audit is conducted e.

CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guideline

Copyright is not claimed as to any part of an original work prepared by a U. When selecting items for a Layered Process Audit, the team may consider the status and importance of the related process.

The LPA will not provide you with the value that a true gemba walk culture will provide you. Layered Process Audits are short in kayered and are conducted according to a regular, planned cadence with specific criteria for frequency.

Taking the Step from Gemba Walks to Layered Process Audits | Quality Digest

The status of the corrective actions should be tracked to ensure that all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Other benefits are associated with the softer side of managing an organization, including increased floor time for plant management. Myth, misunderstanding, and bad teaching have lead to the belief control charts are hard. The Audits should include whatever the organization believes is critical to product quality. Evidence that customer delivery requirements have been met.


Layered Process Audits conducted in manufacturing facilities are owned by Manufacturing Management. Evidence and documentation of immediate corrective action for nonconformance. Employees typically do not refer to instructions or procedures before every step of a process; they often complete the processes by memory, which comes from repeating and practicing each step many times over.


The items are typically those that are high-risk to customer satisfaction. Calibration not expired for gauge xxx. Gemba walks and LPAs open alyered door to conversation and coaching, rather than focusing on punishing mistakes.

An inspection method to add to the process control plan. Any expert will tell you that doing LPAs just to check a box will never give you the same results as when you believe in their ability to truly improve quality.

Audit Layers — What levels of the organization will be involved? Discuss 1 Hide Comments Comment. More information regarding Layered Process Audit reaction plans can be found in section 5.

Areas audited are appropriate to the span of authority of the level of person auditing. Whitworth believes there is value in making the required LPA approach as useful as possible.

Other similarities between gemba walks and LPAs include: