Flixborough disaster By: Paradigma Carlo Giovanni. Picture taken 5 days after the Nypro Flixborough Disaster which happened on June 1, Pic by George Schofield, of Barrow-on-Humber. 1 June is the 40th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, an explosion at a chemical plant sited on the banks of the River Trent in Lincolnshire.

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Flixborough Disaster anniversary: New pictures come to light after 43 years – Scunthorpe Telegraph

Government controls on the price of caprolactam put further financial pressure on the plant. In addition, the initial investigation revealed that a 50 in.

It contained graphic information about the plant which gave us an invaluable insight into its construction. Sinceit had instead produced caprolactama chemical used in the manufacture of nylon 6. The Atomic Weapons and Research Establishment at Aldermaston produced a report on the infrasonic and seismic waves which resulted.

Of those working on the site at the time, 28 were killed and 36 others suffered injuries. An attempt to restart the plant was made at 4: The company would have to show that “it possesses the appropriate management system, safety philosophy, and competent people, that it has effective methods of identifying and evaluating hazards, that it has designed and operates the installation in accordance with appropriate regulations, standards and codes of practice, that it has adequate procedures for dealing with emergencies, and that it makes use of independent checks where appropriate”.

This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience. Construction of the plant had required planning permission approval by the local council; while “an interdepartmental procedure enabled planning authorities to call upon the advice of Her Majesty’s Factory Inspectorate when considering applications for new developments which might involve a major hazard” [27] there was no requirement for them to do sosince the council had not recognised the hazardous nature of the plant [3] they had not called for advice.


Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

Prior to the explosion, on 27 Marchit was discovered that a vertical crack in reactor No. Stored on the site was a huge quantity of flammable liquids which, once pipes and tanks had been ruptured in the explosion, mixed together to produce a fire of incredible intensity.

They should now be required to demonstrate to the community as a whole that their plants are properly designed, well constructed and safely operated. In the Flixborough case, there is a real chance that the death toll could trigger meaningful changes in a neglected aspect of industrial safety. Occasionally, a large disaster can occur as a result of hot gas spouting to another piece of equipment, such as the gas that leaked from the 50in.

It was not known why Flixborough adopted a high inventory process. Fires started on-site which were still burning ten days later. The Inquiry noted further that “there was no overall control or planning of the design, construction, testing or fitting of the assembly nor was any check made that the operations had been properly carried out”.

No calculations were done to ascertain whether the bellows or pipe would withstand the forces that would be exerted. Places Forest Pines to become North Lincolnshire’s second Hilton hotel as it joins global brand It is one of five Q Hotels properties to be rebranded under the DoubleTree by Hilton name under a franchise agreement.

On account of the high inventory of the production process at Flixborough, a large amount of cyclohexane escaped and caused a large scale explosion. This resulted in the escape of a large quantity of cyclohexane. The flibxorough stock for purging was found to be insufficient, however, and as a fresh delivery was not expected before midnight, the system was kept on “dry-cycling”, i.


The Secretary of State for Employment set up a Court of Inquiry to establish the causes and circumstances of the disaster and identify any immediate lessons to be learned, and also an expert committee to identify major diszster sites and advise on appropriate measures of control for them.

Similarly the level of authority for technical approval for any plant modification must also be clearly defined. The initial site investigation had revealed a 50in.

This nitrate stress corrosion cracking was believed to have been due to the practice of spraying nitrate-treated cooling water as a means for diluting and dispersing small leaks.

Experimental work, which included a full scale simulation was carried out at Flixborough. A leak occurred at a flange on the non-return valve, located near this 50in. No one escaped from the control room.

During those 45 years there were no doubt many occasions when fitters broke into equipment and found it had not been isolated, or broke into the wrong line because it had not been identified positively. Although the operating pressure was maintained by an automatically controlled bleed valve once the plant had reached steady state, the valve could not be used during start-up, when there was no air feed, the plant being pressurised with nitrogen.

We hired an aircraft from Biggin Hill for aerial photos and hit the phones.

To build diaster nuclear power plant, the electricity industry must provide a detailed safety evaluation to the Nuclear Inspectorate before it receives a licence. Speculation followed about the source of the blast, but then there was a radio message to the gala venue that all emergency services were needed elsewhere.