A Paramount Pictures nemrég bejelentette, hogy megvásárolta Cat Patrick Forgotten – Úgyis elfelejtem című könyvének megfilmesítési jogait, melyben Hailee. letésnapját úgyis mindig elfelejtem a blognak, szóval pár hétre elôre I am being neglected by my siblings, by my friends, by my spouse. I’d forgotten all about what time it was. Nem, tanár úr, még nem, szerdán este valószínűleg úgyis találkozom velük, ha hazamegyek. Egy csomószor például elfelejtem elvenni, ami visszajár a vendéglőben vagy bárban, meg minden.

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Anyway, as soon as I got my breath back I ran across Route That is Mount Etna, and just underneath it Catania will appear soon enough.

Salinger, J. D.: Zabhegyező (Regény) (The Catcher in the Rye (Novel) Magyar nyelven)

I mean not wait till Wednesday or anything. She says my letters are a helluva lot more intelligent since we been goin’ around together. It’s pretty hard to knock a guy out, except in the goddam movies. And so it happened with Giorgia and me, that on the Eurostar our sits were already taken because our confirmations were issued for the next day.

I sneaked a look to see what he was fiddling around with on my chiffonier.

I’d only worn it about twice. He reached behind the debris and picked out a book that stood against the wall. Then I started horsing around a little bit. I mentioned that maybe he ought to save uyyis the Bronx cheer–till he started using his title regularly. It was supposed to be a comedy, with Cary Grant in it, and all that crap. Two seemingly barren pieces of rock tossed in the middle of the Mediterranean by some ancient Greek god.


They were nice guys, especially Tichener. He didn’t say it right or anything, but he didn’t mean anything insulting. He had washed it three or four times during his two weeks’ stay at the hospital in Frankfort on the Main, but it had got dirty again on the long, dusty jeep ride back to Gaufurt.

Editions of Forgotten by Cat Patrick

The book I was reading was this book I took out of the library by mistake. Take your kid outside and play ball with him. I was just tellin’ that new son of a bitch, Bernstein, downstairs. I just wanna get out of here as fast as I can — I mutter…I sit on my bag, get my new book which I bought for a euro in a roman flea market and continue with the next chapter… SO this is how I eventually left Naples, and God thanks.

Esme gave me a long, faintly clinical look.

Every time I thought about it, I felt like jumping out the window. And as I look back, it seems to me that we were fairly unique, the sixty of us, in that there wasn’t one good mixer in the bunch.

She let go Charles’ sleeve and gave him a rather vigorous push in my direction. Although the men who lived on the first floor usually had first grab at the books sent each month by Special Services, X usually seemed to be left with the book he might have selected himself. I figured my parents probably wouldn’t get old Thurmer’s letter saying I’d been given the ax till maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

He didn’t say anything then, but the next night he made us have compulsory study hall in the academic building and he came up and made a speech. Charles, whom I am teaching to read and write and whom I am finding an extremely intelligent novice, wishes to add a few words.


With his hand, he shielded his eyes for a moment against the harsh, watty glare from the naked bulb over the table.

Magyarul Bábelben – irodalmi antológia :: Salinger, J. D.: For Esmé with Love and Squalor

The ingeniousity of the old architects is truly appreciated when you feel the cool shadow on your back that the narrow streets offer. As soon as I got it, I turned around and started running down the other side of the hill, toward old Spencer’s house. Elgelejtem, I know it. Schmidt was the janitor’s wife. You didn’t have to explain every goddam little thing with him, the way you had to do with Ackley.

Dan still owes me one. Later on we went straight elfeeljtem the beach.

He was always asking you to do him a big favor. If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it’s a game, all right-I’ll admit that. We were practically the same heighth, but he weighed about twice as much as I did. I told her absolutely not–very much to the contrary, in fact. X turned around in his chair and asked him to come in, and to be careful not to step on the dog.

I saw it in the window of this sports store when we got out of the subway, just after I noticed I’d lost all the goddam foils. I never saw him use one, anyway. I will never forget it.