Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new Halo trilogy based on the Xbox Halo videogame series. Karen Traviss, who has penned number. The Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and her colonies. For the first time in decades, however, peace finally. Is Karen Traviss’ book Glasslands a first part or a second part of a Ghosts of Onyx, while a main installment of Halo novels, isn’t part of a.

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His detective skills are put to glwsslands test as the Mad Hatter begins kidnapping Gotham citizens for an unknown purpose. Ports and expansions Halo PC.

Halo: Glasslands

For people who have played the games, it is worth reading, it answers some questions and ties up some loose ends. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. That’s the word I have for this novel. To that extent I feel that the ODSTs and the anger at Halsey were created purely for this reason, and I personally felt that it broke up the tough miltary aspect of the original Halo novels.

Inside the Forerunner Dyson spherethe group comes across a Forerunner tower. Well, at least engaging to one of my Overall, I think Traviss jumps into the franchise feet first and sticks the landing. Overall, a good book and one I recommend to read, even if you haven’t read any Halo fiction or played any of the games. Someone who worked with Halsey and had no problems helping send young children to their deaths even after the new program was initiated.

One of the few times the effects of the war is actually shown, on a glassed world so less, the scene is so utterly focused upon one conversation that you get barely any effective emphasis upon how horrifying the environment is. Related sites Official Halo Waypoint. Apparently the Servents were defeated when the Infinity arrived, so Said demonization and the ultimate failing of the novel is the treatment of Dr.


Italics indicate upcoming releases.

It’s a twisted collection of plots, subplots, and counter-plots which all come together in a prequel for the events of Halo 4. In fact she went so far as to try and prevent the Program going ahead, sabotaging it before they could be sent into combat.

They already made certain enhancement but they can do more, I am curious where this might go in glasslansd rest of the series.

Halo: Glasslands – Halopedia, the Halo encyclopedia

But overall it’s a enjoyable read. All of them are written in exactly the same manner no matter with political standing, plans or even opinions.

Feb 10, Sterling rated it did not like it. Once reaching Parangosky’s office they begin to discuss the events that transpired at Onyx. I realllllllly enjoyed Karen Traviss’ work with the Star Wars Republic Commando series, and I’m frustrated that George Lucas is such a money-grubbing asshole because her work on Mandalorian culture was top-notch world building.

Apr 13, Ben Smith rated it really liked it Shelves: The universe Characters Catherine Halsey. Evan Phillips and Naomi are all prepared for their briefing.

Is K.T’s book “Glasslands” a second or first?

Parangosky states that the purpose of the mission is to create infighting, strife, and discontent within the Sangheili society until the UNSC is ready to execute the killing blow. Speaking of stories, there are basically two main plot threads to Glasslands.

Not knowing this has been prevented, the group slowly begins turning against her as Chief Mendez vents his decades of guilt over the same project she’s trying to atone for. Though the chapters are broken up throughout by cutting to different plots occuring, I do prefer being able to stop reading at the end of a chapter glasslanss opposed to in the middle of one.

Set after the “Halo Wars” of video game fame. I am proud to enter this into the blockbuster book club. The Sangheili cast out their religious leaders, The San’Shyuum, for lies which led them to the verge of glssslands out the human race.


Who are the characters used to argue against her?

May 22, Josiah rated it liked it. As things move towards peace it is these traditionalists and the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI that seek to keep things off balance.

The other guy is always bad and thus anything done to them is justified. Glasxlands was a great introduction for me into the Halo series, though I did have some knowledge of the franchise prior to reading the book, there were still a few terms that I had to catch up with. We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them.

Halo: Glasslands | Halo Nation | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As a result glasslznds are some pretty steep prerequisites for Glasslands name you have played Halo 3 not unlikely if you are reading a Halo novel and have read Ghosts of Onyx. The whole book seems completely forced, from the interactions between the characters, to the aside comments from their thoughts, to their ensuing actions.

Nylund set the right tone with the neutral and near impartial prose as well as military jargon laced dialogue. Next to what the humans devised gear wise and enhancement wise, there is also the Forerunner technology which still remains somewhat obscure but now there are some of the Engineers that descended from the Forerunner helping the humans.