Other cellular components actively working with the HLR include the gateway mobile switching center (G-MSC), visitor location register (VLR) and the. The HLR interacts with the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), which is a switch used for The third integral element is the Visiting Location Register (VLR), which. The HLR connects to the following elements: The G-MSC for handling incoming calls; The VLR for handling requests from mobile phones to attach to the.

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Mobile Subscriber Roaming Number.

GSM – The Network Switching Subsystem (NSS)

The MSC performs the switching of calls between the mobile and other fixed or mobile network users, as well as the management of mobile services such as registration, authentication, location updating, handovers, and call routing to a roaming subscriber. The EIR is vomputing database that contains information about the identity of the mobile equipment that prevents calls from stolen, unauthorized or defective mobile stations.

Unfortunately, the answer you are trying to submit has already been added. The voicemail system records and stores voicemail. Therefore, a new set of security methods was designed for 3G phones.

The data it contains is remotely accessed by all the MSCs and the VLRs in the network and, although the network may contain more than one HLR, there is only one database record per subscriber nad each HLR is therefore handling a portion of the total subscriber database. You can’t add content on Bayt.

Network switching subsystem

There is an additional form of identification check performed on the serial number of the mobile phone described in the EIR section below, but this is not relevant to the AuC processing. Question already answered Please make sure that your answer hr written in the same language as the question.


Do you need help in adding the right keywords to your CV? Proper implementation of security in and around the AuC is a key part of an operator’s strategy to avoid SIM cloning.

What is HLR and VLR and its function in GSM? – Specialties

It is also responsible for generating billing data of roaming subscriber. When an individual buys a subscription in the form of SIM, then all the information about this subscription is registered in the HLR of that operator.

This information is entered into the database by the network provider when a new subscriber mobille added to the system. Planning a Complete Security Strategy: Upvote 1 Downvote Reply 0 Report. The architecture contains specific features and functions which are needed because the phones are not fixed in one location. Network switching subsystem NSS or GSM core network is the component of a GSM system that carries out call out and mobility management functions for mobile phones roaming on the network of base stations.

This is designed to allow tracking of on mobile phones. It is owned and deployed by mobile phone operators and allows mobile devices to communicate with each other and telephones in the wider public switched telephone network PSTN.

The original shape of any cell is circle, but these circles when arranged in a way the coverage boundarie There must be some level of support for this built into any of the different elements. Before the SMS company forwards the message to the intended recipient, it scans through the HLR to find which mobile switching center MSC the recipient has recently used. The VLR database will therefore contain some duplicate data as well as more precise data relevant to the subscriber remaining within the VLR coverage here coverage means status of customer of last lac location area code updation.


Of course, the mobile phone can generate the K c itself by feeding the same RAND supplied during authentication and the K i into the A8 algorithm. What is the generation of each of the following mobile domputing system: Check for similar questions. The mobile switching center server is a soft-switch variant therefore it may be referred as mobile soft switch, MSS of the computong switching center, which provides circuit-switched calling mobility management, and GSM services to the mobile phones roaming within the area that it serves.

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GSM – The Network Switching Subsystem (NSS)

After successful authentication, the MSC sends the encryption key K c to the base station controller BSC so that all communications can be encrypted and decrypted. X Hr My Work Follow.

The owner has blocked you Answer should contain a minimum of 25 characters. Crossover – Delhi, India. Retrieved from ” https: Whilst the procedure is secure for most everyday use, it is by no means hack proof. An IMEI is marked as invalid if it has been clmputing stolen or is not type approved.

It also interfaces with the PSTN. What is the difference between mobile communication and mobile computing?

Compliance is Not Enough: